3 of the Best Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Lets face it: if youre like most guys then you probably dont have the right tool for every job. Ifyouveever caught yourself improvising to get certain tasks done then chances are good that youre a prime candidate for a good multi-tool. Multi-tools as a whole have been around for a relatively long amount of time, and come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles.

In your quest to finding the perfect one, there are many factors that youll want to take into consideration including budget, usage, and durability. With that being said, we are going to spend this review talking about some of the best multi-tools that are currently being offered on the market. Lets get started.

Victorinox Swiss Tool RS

At first glance, one might come to the conclusion that you could hit this multi-tool with a sledge hammer and it wouldnt break. The Swiss Tool is a beautifully designed instrument that has gone through some major changes over the years.

This model in particular contains a set of pliers that remain hidden under the design. Once you unfold the handles, you can quickly and easily pull out the pliers and begin using them. Do keep in mind that youll have access to over 20 unique tools with this instrument.

It is considered one of the best multi-tool items on the market and the Victorinox even has a lifetime warranty that comes with it (although youll probably never need to cash in on it). Before moving on, lets take a look at some of the tools that you will find on this specific model:

Can Opener


Saw (Both Metal and Wood)




Wire Cutters

Seatbelt Cutter

And Many More

Perhaps that only downside that we could find regarding this product is that it doesnt offer the one-handed opening function like a lot of the other multi-tool models do on the market. Either way, it still makes for a great investment and is one of the more efficient multi-tool pocketknives out there today.

SOG Power Assist

The name alone spells durability, comfort, and ease of use. To put simply, the SOG Power Assist multi-tool offers breakthrough technology as well as two large blades that can be deployed in fractions of a second. All thats required is the press of your thumb against the peg on the device and the blades will open instantaneously.

One of the main reasons why this could be considered the best multi-tool on the market is because it is extremely simple to use. Plus, the blades will lock into place upon being opened. And when you arent using the blades, you can be rest assured that theyll remain safety locked. This guarantees that you wont accidentally injure yourself while utilizing the many other tools on this highly prominent instrument.

The only problem that one may have with this product is that the blade sits too high vertically and isnt easily adjustable. However, this downside is easily overshadowed considering that the model comes with assisted opening technology and will firmly lock into place once the knife has been removed from the handle.

Columbia River Knife and Zilla-Tool

If youre interested in stepping off of the beaten path and would like to explore a multi-tool that is little different from the rest then make sure that you check out the Columbia River Knife.

While it may be the black sheep of these instruments, it is one of the best multi-tool devices on the market today. Lets take a look at some of the prime features associated with this model:

Side Clip: Since the Zilla-Tool is so slim, it can easily clip to the side of your pants and remain safely secured there until ready for use.

Carry Case: The black nylon carrying case that comes with this model is very durable and lightweight. The Velcro closure provides easy and quick access to your multi-tool pocket knife.

Ideal Weight and Height: The overall weight of this unit is just under 8-ounces and the overall length is just under 10-inches. Both are extremely ideal and make carrying this item around less of a hassle.

What you will notice right away is that this multi-tool offers a very unique design, one that youre unlikely to find with other models. You can deploy a set of needle-nose pliers by the simple switch of a button and the body itself is extremely durable. It services as a handle and will allow you to maintain grip strength while performing a job.


As you probably already know, the best multi-tool pocket knife is one that contains several different functions and that will remain durable throughout the years. Handle comfort, blade sharpness, and overall practicality are other important signs to watch out for when it comes to choosing the best pocket knife.