Recipes from the big food monster

I’m sure we all know what beef, pork and lamb is, but for the un-initiated poultry includes chicken, turkey and all other kinds of domestic fowl, while game includes wild beasties of the feathered and furred variety. Offal, is referred to by some people as ‘awful’ but, quite frankly, if you’ve never tried it you are missing a treat. Granted some of the inside bits can be a little nightmare inducing, and i myself wouldn’t touch brain, lungs or tripe with a barge-pole, but liver, kidneys and sweetbreads can be fantastic when treated in the proper manner.

A bit about Beef

With an eight ounce sirloin steak containing more iron than six suitcases of spinach, you’ve got to wonder if Popeye got it all wrong, and the same cut impressed Henry the eigth so much he actually knighted it…

“Arise Sir Loin”.

Of course, sirloin isn’t the only amazing part of a cow, in fact the sheer diversity of cuts is mind boggling. From prime rib-roasters to rumps, fillets to feathers, goose-skirt, oxtails and cheeks for braising, and of course burgers. Ok there isn’t a cut called ‘burger’ but treat it with a little TLC and it’s as good as anything else you’ll find on a cow. And i’ll prove it. You’ll see.

A bit about Pork

The days of pigs being dirty swines, gorging themselves on school dinner slops complete with cutlery and whatever else mischievous little darlings threw in there, just for a laugh, are long gone. Legislation is water tight so it is ok to eat your prime pork cuts a little pink. There, i said it.

Rare breeds are on the up. That is, the old fashioned pigs, higher in fat and therefore flavour but higher in price too. Your Old spots, saddlebacks and others were almost bred out of excistence by supermarket brain washing campaigns where they managed to convince every housewife that what they really wanted were low fat, low flavour foods that looked really nice in How to reheat steak . Thankfully common sense seems to be prevailing, albeit a little too late for many family butchers who were forced out of business by the faceless giants, and the masses are flocking to taste pork that actually tastes of pork. What a concept.