Assisted Open Knife

A switch blade refers to a knife that has a folding blade, which opens on its own through springs after the user presses a button that can be found on its handle. This kind of knife has been seen in old films like Rebel without a Cause or The Wild One. After these movies came out, the switch blade became illegal. Even to this day, the switch blade can only be used by the military or the police.

Nearly every restriction related to the switch blade came about during this time and more films started to show gangsters making use of this knife. Youngsters being how they are, they started to imitate these gangsters by forming their own gangs and breaking the law. This angered the authorities and the switch blade thus became prohibited.

Although the switch blade now comes with a prohibition of being carried in public places, the assisted open knife is still completely legal by law to be carried on a daily basis. Despite their status with the law being the most visible difference between these two knives, they also differ from each other in more ways.

First of all, a switch blade can fall into one out of two different categories: the out-the-front and out-the-side type of unfolding. In general, the out-the-front knife has a sharp blade on both of its edges, making it work in a similar manner as a dagger. Its activation can be found on the grips side to release its blade. The out-the-side knife, on the other hand, automatically opens after the handle switch has been pressed.

When it comes to a switch blade, the knife blade remains place through a lock and gets automatically deployed after the button for the trigger is pressed. Then, the spring will force out the knife and will only release after the trigger mechanism (which can be found on the knife handle) gets pressed. Once the release button is pressed, the switch blade should mechanically discharge, while locking itself into that particular position. To re-close the blade, simply push the switch again to make another spring retract the blade into the overall grip. This will tense up the opening spring to lock the switch blade into its closed position.

An assisted open knife is different from a switch blade because the user will have to employ a starting force to et the blade open before it unfolds on its own. The blade of an assisted open knife is bound into place, in general, through one or two bars of contortion. When a user manually takes out the blade to unfold it, from around ten up to forty degrees, its assisted mechanism will jump in to proceed in totally opening the blade.

Unlike a switch blade, an assisted open knife is not banned from use. This is because a switch blade releases only through a button push while an assisted open knife would actually need an owner to employ force in order for the blade to be deployed. An assisted open knife usually has single edge blades and will vary in serrated edge or a straight fashion. It is usually considered as a dagger and can be classified as an everyday carry, survival or tactical knife.

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