Automatic Knives

Facts about the Automatic Knives

The automatic knives deliver quick response just with the touch of a particular button. The button is generally located in the side of these knives. Certain examples of such automatic cutting tools include switchblades and stiletto knives. This type of knife is highly collectible. Some of them get huge price rates in the market of collectors. These knives have sliding or folding blades which are present inside the handles. The blades are automatically opened with the help of a spring by activating a switch, button or lever located on the knifes handle.

A locking blade is incorporated in the designs of most these knives. The blade stays locked inside and when the spring is extended the blade is opened completely. It is thought that the automatic knife was built in response to the growing demand of useful pocket knives which can be conveniently opened with one hand. Nowadays, these knives are widely available at highly affordable rates. Thousands of such knives are manufactured by many companies every year. At present, most of these knives are offered by the small knife companies. Blade types, length and design The automatic knives are available in a wide range of blade types, lengths and designs. You will be able to choose the knife that is most suitable for you.

When it comes to blade you can select a traditional one or a blade with serrated edges. Different blades have different levels of sharpness.
The length of the blades generally ranges between 2.5 inches and 4 inches. You may also find such knives with longer blades.
You also have lots of choices of automatic knife design. There are the smaller ones which can be conveniently carried in your pocket or belt. There are also the larger models that were mainly used by the military personnel. You can search online to know about the various designs.

Legal issues

The automatic knives in the United State fall under certain laws related to the length of the tools, as well as the legality of using or carrying them. There are both federal and state laws which should be followed while carrying an automatic knife. It is a good idea to check the laws of your state, as well as the federal laws before buying such knives. You must not use an automatic knife for certain purposes. These are stabbing or piercing, slashing and fighting purposes. When you are buying automatic knives look for the best-selling brands and the products that are made of the finest materials.

Some of these knives have a switch or button while the others possess a release mechanism where you need to push down on the blades side to let it come out. You can select the type of mechanism with which you are more comfortable. You can buy these knives from various online stores, where you will be provided with lots of choices. In such websites, you will definitely find out the right mechanism or design of automatic knife that you are looking for. This is a convenient way of buying the automatic knives.

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