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Mother of Pearl is an iridescent, colorful material extracted from mollusk shells, which, for centuries, have been used for decorative purposes. Its texture and brilliant look has made it a popular choice for knife handles as well, and today mother of pearl knives are rated among the few most beautiful knives.

These knives are works of art, and each appears different from another, thanks to the iridescent quality inherent to these knives. If you are looking to get a mother of pearl knife pocket knife for your collection, here are some of the best types you must surely consider:

Szco Supplies Mother of Pearl folding knife

Available for a cool price, the Szco Suppliesfolding knife has a closed length of 4.75 inches and a stainless steel blade that is around 3.75 inches in length. It has brass bolsters and a brass hilt on its handle, and is available in a gift box as well.

The workmanship of the handle is clearly above par for this price range with beautiful green inlays. The handle is shaped ergonomically in a curve, which naturally fits the palm of ones hand. The stainless steel blade is decent, and the knife is a tad heavier than some other pocket knives.

As an everyday carry or EDC, the Szco folding knife is decent, but it is just fabulous as a collectors item. It has four reviews on Amazon, three of which are 5-star reviews and one is a 4-star review. As one reviewer puts it, it is the coolest knife in my collection.

Case Cutlery 11919 Small Stockman Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades Small Mother of Pearl

The Case Small Stockman Pocket Knife is priced almost ten times higher than the Szco folding knife on Amazon. There are some good reasons for this price difference. For one, this knife is made in the United States, has a Tru-Sharp surgical steel pen, sheep foot, and clip blades, and is covered up in a stainless steel handle riveted with mother of pearl using nickel silver rivets.

Unlike the Szco, it proves to be as functional as it is beautiful. The workmanship and build quality is absolutely brilliant, as it should be at this price range. It has an old-school feel that a lot of collectors will appreciate, and at the same time the blades can be pulled out for some serious work whenever needed. Amazon has only four reviews on the product. Not unsurprisingly, all four give the knife five stars. As one reviewer says, Not a flaw anywhere good looking case knife.

Rough Rider Knives 593 Deluxe Congress Pocket Knife with Black Mother of Pearl Handles

Priced at low range, the Rough Rider Deluxe Congress pocket knife is pretty much a mix of the best of both knives mentioned above. Costing just a little more than the Szco folder and significantly less than the Case pocket knife, the knife uses 440 Series stainless steel blades and has a closed length of 4.25 inches.

The handle has black mother of pearl with a nickel silver spacer stripe and the bolster uses grooved nickel silver.

For the price, the Rough Rider offers a build quality short of the Case Small Stockman, but is still good enough to become a part of your collection and to be carried around in the pocket every day. Amazon only has one review on this product though.


Mother of Pearl knives are not just great collectors items but also strong and reliable working tools. The material does not shrink, bend, expand, or move, despite the common perception that it shatters or chips. With proper care, Mother of Pearl knives can remain beautiful and strong, and you cannot go wrong with any of these three choices of knives.

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