Best Survival Knife – A Tool For Unmatched Performance

Best Survival Knife is something which can certainly determine the success or failure of your survival situation sometimes. Only a well selected and well maintained tool can give you best performance in the toughest situations. A survival knife, if chosen by keeping all the crucial features in consideration, will never fail you and when combined with your skills will help you face even the most awful and unexpected situations. Though it is not easy to decide which knife to select from the wide array of knives available, keeping some parameters in mind can help you select the best one suitable for you. Here are a few features suggested by survival experts which you should prefer to follow while selecting a survival knife: Whether you use your knife for an indoor or outdoor purpose, the perfect handle is the first thing which you require from your knife before actually using it. The handle which slips can prove fatal for you and can definitely turn your adventure into a misadventure. So the Best Survival Knife you are carrying with you must have a handle which is perfect in size and shape and should not hurt your hands while doing tough cutting or slicing jobs. While picking up a knife from a store you must make sure that it has a perfect finger guard so that you are saved from any unwanted accident. Length of the handle also matters a lot and a too big handle will interfere with the job.

Best Survival Knife Must Have Perfect Cutting Prowess

A perfect knife is all about a perfect blade. While selecting a knife you have the option of picking up from stainless or carbon steel blades. Going for the latter type can prove to be a bad idea if you are going to a place with high humidity or moisture content in the air. Though stainless steel blades cannot be easily sharpened, they always remain clean and rust free and have the capability of doing the cutting job for longer periods. Once you are able to sharpen it, it will again be ready for next many successful jobs. Not only the type of steel affects the cutting capacity but the perfect length and thickness of the blade also play major role in increasing the cutting prowess of your Best Survival Knife.

Best Survival Knife Needs Best Maintenance For Best Results

If you are using a carbon steel knife then it would be wise to wipe the blade first with moist cloth followed by drying in order to avoid rusting. In case of stainless steel blade soap can be used with free flowing water. Light oiling is always recommended in both types of steel blades. After thorough cleaning your Best Survival Knife should be kept in its case till it has to be taken out to start the next job.

If you follow the experts advice then your Best Survival Knife will prove to be your best friend on all expeditions.

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Last updated on June 18, 2018 7:50 pm