Best survival knife- How do you choose?

Best survival knife will be that which helps you to survive in any kind of place. It will help you with hunting, build traps, build shelters, and do whatever it takes to survive on the go. The knife should be with a fixed sharp blade ready to be used in any kind of outdoor emergency situation. Size is one more consideration when you are looking for the best survival knife. Smaller sizes are obviously easier to carry but larger knives are quick when used for chopping tasks. The handle of the knife should also give you a firm grip, so make sure you buy it only after you have seen the knife and examined every detail.

While any knife that has a sharp blade and has a firm grip can be tagged as being a survival knife, there is more to it. Here are a few things you should pay attention to when buying what you think is the Best survival knife:

The blade length- A knife that has its blade length falling between 6-12 inches can be categorized as a survival knife. The purpose of the knife is to cut and chop effectively and without much effort, hence a knife that is smaller than the above mentioned measurements will not do the job.

The blade thickness- 3/16 4/16 of an inch is the best measurement for a survival knifes thickness. Anything less than that, the knife wont be able to be sturdy enough to chop through wood. Too much flex in the blade will result in an ineffective knife.

The metal of the blade- The two types of survival knife metals are carbon and stainless steel. Stainless steel metal for your knife will ensure that the blade wont get rusted soon and it is quite sturdy. Carbon as your knife metal is known to give a sharp edge which lasts longer than stainless steel. However, it does rust quicker than stainless steel.

Handle of the knife- Go for a knife whose blade goes all the way into the handle thus ensuring that the knife wont go weak and separate from the handle.

Best survival knife should be able to do the following:

Here are some of the following jobs the best survival knife can easily perform-

Chopping- These knives can be used for chopping wood easily. A large and heavy blade equipped knife would serve better.

Skinning- A survival knife equipped with a pronounced upward curved blade will serve perfectly for hunting purposes. These have a special curved blade. Their handle should be such that they let you cut and skin with not much pressure.

Batoning: This will need a strong blade to split the wood during construction jobs or for fire wood. A strong knife is needed; here length is not that important.

Best survival knife- The different types:

Fixed blade knives are those survival knives that come with a strong fixed blade that needs to be covered with a sheath. Multi tool survival knives have more than one knife and along with that have scissors, picks, files, etc. There are survival pocket knives as well.

Best survival knife is thus that knife that is comfortable in your hand and is something you can be dependent on during outdoor experiences.

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