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Selecting the Right Survival Knives

The survival knives are regarded as a highly power tool that is used in the outdoors. In wilderness environments these knives are used for survival purpose. These knives can be used for activities such as wood cutting, skinning, trapping and many more purposes. These tools are used by hikers, hunters and enthusiasts of outdoor sports. Some of these knives are thick, as well as heavy bladed while the others are much lighter and can be folded. Often they are used in the form of hunting knives. This type of a knife is quite essential if you are going for camping, backpacking, hunting or fishing. This is a helpful item if you come across any danger while in the outdoors. You can go for a fixed-blade knife or a folding one. However the fixed blade knives are more durable and effective in the extreme conditions. The blade is an important thing that you must consider while buying a survival knife. It can either have a plain edge or a serrated edge. There are lots of brands that offers such knives and you have a vast range of options to choose from.

Important factors


The serrated blades are quite common when it comes to the survival knives as they are more useful in cutting hard materials. Blades with serration can be quite helpful. This type of blades is generally used for slicing. The straight blades are more effective in the chopping activities. A large number of companies offer survival knife with serration. However, they are tough to sharpen and so many people do not g for them in the wild. But the problem can be solved if you have the right sharpening tool. You can consider all these before deciding whether you want to go for a serrated blade or not.


The weight of survival knives is also an important factor that should be kept in mind while buying these tools. Getting a lightweight knife is always better idea as you are going to use it in the outdoors but many people go for heavier ones as they are more durable. Fortunately, with the advancement of modern technology you will easily find a survival knife which lighter in weight but durable at the same time. The best quality knives should always have wonderful blades.


You must also decide on the length when you are buying a survival knife. Several people have an idea that longer blades are always more useful. However, the experts have a different view regarding this. You can choose from blade lengths which between four and eight inches which is quite sufficient.


The grip of the handle of survival knives is also important. Handles with molded rubber offer much better grip.

The type of survival knife that you buy can depend on the activities that you are going to do when you are in the outdoors. Regardless of the knife you buy, make it sure that you get hold of the best quality product. The best survival knives are always strong, as well as useful.

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Last updated on April 16, 2018 5:50 am