Boker Plus Titan Drop Knife Review

The word that comes to mind when describing the Boker Plus Titan Drop Knife is value. It is a solid knife with a good blade and almost unbelievably a Titanium handle. Right out of the box its striking look catches the eye and when held in the hand it has a good shape that is easy to grip and perfectly ergonomic. In this world of folding lock-knives beyond count you need a knife that stands out, but is still affordable and the Boker Titan is that knife. Boker Company is located in Lakewood Colorado and produces many types of knives including well-made kitchen knives.

The Boker Plus Titan has a very slim profile with a thickness of 3/8. The overall length open is 8 3/8 with a blade-length of 3 . It is very light at 4.5oz, but because of its shape it feels very solid in the hand. The handle is Titanium with a bead-blasted finish that gives it a modern sleek look, but it is a little slippery grip-wise and unfortunately sacrifices function for form in this case. The blade is flat-ground 440c stainless steel with a drop point, and has a polished finish. The blade itself is very sharp out of the box, but has a tendency to dull quickly.

It does sharpen back up, but it is very hard to give it a razor-finish. On the back of the knife is a polished belt-clip that allows the knife to be clipped easily to the outside of the belt. Between that and the thumb nut at the base of the blade, one-handed draw and opening is possible. The locking mechanism is a push-bar in the center top of the handle. There is also a lanyard-hole in the handle that allows for a standard thin line.

As stated above the Boker Plus Titan is a great value for the price. Where else can you find a sleek looking knife with a genuine Titanium handle for a low price? The knife opened is solid. With some of the other inexpensive knives there is a lot of play in the blade while it is opened, especially side-to-side. With this knife there is no play whatsoever in any position from closed to open. The blade, as mentioned before, holds an edge, but not perfectly razor-sharp. This is partly due to the use of 440c stainless, which tends to dull a little quicker.

There have also been some complaints about the blades finished which unfortunately show fingerprints constantly. A brushed finish may be better in future designs. The clip on the back make the knife more convenient to get at than a sheath, and although it can be drawn and opened with one hand, the position of the lock mechanism makes one-handed closing impossible. There have also been some problems with the alignment of the locking bar and the blade so that should be checked when the knife is first purchased.

On the whole it is a sleek, good looking knife that can be worn and used even in an office-type setting. The small problems mentioned and the fact that the blade is a little less than desirable makes it less than a five star knife, but it is still an affordable knife that I would consider a great value.

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Last updated on April 15, 2018 10:08 pm