Buck Assisted Opening Knife

The Buck assisted opening knife originally stems from Kansas and has been around for more than a hundred years. A ten-year-old blacksmiths apprentice called Hoyt Buck left school to start making his own knives in the year 1902. By the time he turned thirteen, he had already discovered a new method in heat-treating and tempering steel in such a manner that tools could keep a sharp edge for much longer. This knowledge was soon applied to agricultural tools, as well.

By the year 1907, Hoyt went to Washington to become an insurance salesman. This is where he met his wife Daisy Louise Green in 1910. There oldest child was Alfred Buck, who enlisted into the Navy at a very young age at got stationed at San Diegos Naval Training Center. After getting discharged, he became a member of the coast guard and ended up having a long career in the military, developing an armed forces passion

After the U.S. entered World War II, the government requested knife donations that would arm there troops since they didnt have sufficient knives for their soldiers. By then, Hoyt had become a pastor in Idaho. After hearing about the shortage of the army, he started to make knives in support of the war effort with the use of worn-out blades and he set up his own blacksmith shop within the churchs basement, complete with a grinder, an anvil and a forge. Hoyts knives gained a huge reputation through this and a lot of servicemen began to ask for a handcrafted Buck assisted opening knife.

After the way, H.H. Buck & Son started up in San Diego, where Hoyt to with his wife. He asked his son to start a business company of knives in the year 1947. They ended up selling knives via direct mail order, producing 25 knives each week. Even though the knives were much more expensive compared to regular knives, Hoyts blades were sharper and lasted longer. After Hoyt died from cancer in the year 1949, his company went up a notch. By the 1950s, the company began mass-producing the Buck assisted opening knife and they got sold through dealers. The Buck assisted opening knife is extremely popular to this day with the military due to its endurance and design.

In the year 1961, Al Buck integrated H.H. Buck & Son, so that the company turned into Buck Knives Incorporated. The most popular model known as the Buck Folding Hunter 110 got approved to be developed in 1963. It involved a folding knife with a lock-blade with brass bolsters and wood handles. Its blade was four inches long and it came with a high-tension lock.

To this day, the Buck assisted opening knife still arms the army. In the 80s, brand new models in the form of the M9 Bayonet and the Buckmaster, which is a hollow-handled survival knife, were made. The Buckmaster had a serrated blade of 7.5 inches and became very popular for the fans of Rambo. One other example would be the Nighthawk, which was introduced in the 90s and put to use by Navy Seals. This particular knife came with a fixed blade that measured 6.5 inches. In the year 2005, the family moved to Idaho to continue their business.