Butterfly Knives

An Overview of the Butterfly Knives

The butterfly knives refer to the folding pocket knives which have 2 handles that counter rotate around their tang. They are also called Balisong or fan knife. When the knives are closed the blades are concealed inside the grooves of the handles. Sometimes these knives are also called Batangas knives. They are named after Batangas province of the Philippines as it is the place where these knives are traditionally manufactured. In the beginning these knives were made of animal horns. Apart from the utility purposes, butterfly knife is also used in Eskrima, a Filipino martial art. The experienced people can use these knives quite easily. A butterfly knife is used for performing manipulations known as fanning and flipping for amusement or as a form of art. These knives are quite useful in certain situations where it is not possible to use both the hands for opening a knife. Through skilled handling, these knives can be quickly flipped. Such art is quite impressive. There are several websites which will teach you the process of flipping a butterfly knife. You will be provided with the right steps.


There are various parts of butterfly knives which include:

Bite handles which closes on the blades sharp edge.
Choil, which is the blades unsharpened part present over the kicker. It makes sharpening the blade easier.
Kicker is the portion of the blade which prevents any damage caused by the sharp edge to the handle.
Latch is the main locking mechanism that keeps the tool closed. In some cases magnets are used instead of it. There are different types of latch which are known as Batangas, Spring and Manila.
The knives also have pivot pins which help in increasing the smoothness of the equipment.
The safe handle is another important component of a butterfly knife.
Then there is the tang which the base where the knifes handles are connected with the pivot pins.
Tang pins.


The construction of the butterfly knives is of two types. These are channel construction and sandwich construction. In the channel mechanism that main portion of the handles are made of one piece of a material. A groove is formed in these handles. When the knives are closed the blades stay inside the groove. In sandwich mechanism, the knife is assembled in certain layers which are usually screwed or pinned together. It allows tighter adjustment of the pivot pins. The blade of the knife stays between these layers when the knives are closed. The channel style is considered to be stronger in comparison to the sandwich mechanism. The butterfly knives are quite sharp and they can be dangerous. The blade is hidden in the grooves making the knife safe and compact when closed. You will find these knives in a variety of makes and designs. These knives are also quite popular among the knife collectors. Nowadays, the handles of the butterfly knives are made of stainless steel, alloy, leather and synthetic materials. The blades are generally made of carbon steel but you can also find stainless steel blades.

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