Case XX Knives

Case XX Knives are hand crafted in the U.S.A. by the W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. The company is well known for manufacturing fixed blades, traditional pocketknives and sporting knives.

In addition to the quality material, case knifes are made by knowledgeable craftsman with discerning eyes and skilled hands. These craftsmen take years to master this art thus the end product is a Case XX Knife with a quality that you can feel in your hands.

The Case XX Knife is a slender and long folding knife which comfortably fits into the pockets of your pants. Other than the pocket, the knife can also be carried in a bag or even a sheath.

This slip joint back pocket knife has a 3-1/4 clip point blade.

The knife does not lock open, a quality exhibited by many slip joint knives. Case XX Knives open through a nail nick to stop at a single mid-way detent and then snap into place. You will find the knife a bit difficult to open in the first days, but it softens with repeated use.

The handle of these case knives are made of bone giving you a comfortable grip. The handle bone is obtained from shin bones of Zebu cattle. The knives come in a wide-array of fascinating colors, like the sports traditional jigging that has a dark molasses coloringmy favorite.

Other colors you might consider having are ebony wood, G-10 and dark red bone.

The nice touches on the handle of these back pocket knives make them stand out. The center spring of the knife is entirely polished and satisfactorily finished.

The handle is encircled in brass-like liners and has bone handle scales that are amazing to look at. Some of the interesting qualities of the Case XX Knives are that it does not sway in the pocket while walking and is long enough for easy and quick plucking when needed.

Though the knife may not be entirely manufactured in the USA, it is not manufactured using an automated assembly line, but is entirely hand-crafted. This implies that each Case back pocket knife is unique in one way or the other such as the handle having a different character.

When closed, the Case XX Knives are 4-5/8 long but appear to be longer that they really are. The length is perfect for a gentlemans pocket knife. The blade, when out of the box, is reasonably sharp and is easy and quick to sharpen.

The blades of case knives are made using surgical steel and can therefore withstand light-to-medium use.

After using the knife for some time, I discovered that it is one of the most comfortable back pocket knives to carry around every day.

The knives are available in many beautiful designs giving you an easy time while shopping for one. The Tiny Trapper, The Slim Lock, the Copper Lock, the Baby Doc, the XX-Changer, the Baby Butterbean, Cheetah Cub, Cheetah, the Russ Lock, the Hobo, Mini-Black horn and the Sod Buster are some of the Case XX Knives designs in the market today.

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