Chef’s Choice 110 Professional Diamond Hone Sharpener

Nothing is more important in a commercial kitchen than a sharp knife and the most economical and advanced method of knife sharpening comes from Chefs Choice. The new, revolutionary Chefs Choice 110 Professional Diamond Hone Sharpener is the most advanced on the market today, producing in only a few seconds the patented triple bevel Trizor-

Plus edge on virtually every type of commercial kitchen knives and even Asian style, fillet, sport knives and butcher knives.

Although a simple stone may be a good solution that is very effective at sharpening your knife, and may also be cost effective, an electric knife is a significant investment and will produce a superior result for most people for a long time. With this brand of electric knife sharpener, youll save time, money, and knives. These sharpeners are highly recommended for your knives, from the finest quality kitchen cutlery to sporting and pocket knives.

1) Patented Guide Systems

Unlike other machines that may fail to sharpen properly and can even damage your knives, the Chefs Choice Model 110 knife sharpener incorporates patented guide systems to produce great results every time. Each stage makes use of precision angle guides to create a unique Trizor-Plus edge for durability and maximum sharpness.

2) Diamond Abrasive

Made of 100% diamond abrasives, this Diamond Hone Sharpener will sharpen most knives made of any type of alloy, and that includes carbon steel & stainless steel. It does this by making use of a breakthrough Trizor-Plus edge on the diamond abrasive disks. This ensures durability and sharpness, making it a quality purchase that is guaranteed to last for many years. Also, the diamond abrasives dont detemper, therefore the blades hardness stays very much intact.

3) Magnetic Guides

Magnetic guides help you get the right sharpening pressure through the flawless blade alignment by ensuring that optimum angles are maintained for thick, medium and thin knives. This also creates razor-sharp edges for the entire fishing, kitchen, pocket and hunting-knives. Its no wonder why the brand is acclaimed worldwide by renowned chefs and serious cooks. Also, the convenient and compact design allows for placement anywhere in your kitchen or workshop.

4) Three-Stage Precision Sharpening

The 3-stage sharpening system makes this commercial electric sharpener the most advanced on the market today. The patented three-stage process is perfect for most household and kitchen knives of most brands. If your knife is dull, you will probably use all 3 stages. This user friendly knife sharpening system uses 3 stages to sharpen, hone and create a sharp edge structure that is stronger and more durable. Depending on the state of your knife, you might only need one, two or all the three stages in order to get that razor sharp edge.


* Easy to Use

Easy to use, effective and safe, the 110 is the perfect replacement for any sharpening service. It makes sharpening knives as easy as 1, 2, 3. It has 3 slots which you can easily see at first glance. The company recommends that you only make use of the sharpening slot approximately once per year because true sharpening tends to create a totally new edge on your knife and it removes some of the blades metal in the process. The remaining 2 slots are for slight sharpening and final honing of the knifes blade.

* Sharpens to Perfection

Kitchen cutlery is an investment that will last for many years. However, over time knife blades will dull with usage, which is why this professional diamond hone sharpener is here to help sharpen those dull edges. These sharpeners are very easily adjustable and manageable and you can store them in a very simple way and even in a compact space making it a must have for anyone who is looking for a great sharpener at an affordable price.

* Durable

Tested and trusted for over twenty five years, the Chefs Choice brand is well known as the industry leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of kitchen knife sharpening products. Recognized for their innovative, high quality products, this brand incorporates technology that makes use of 100% diamond abrasives and precision guides to accomplish better than factory edges that stay sharp longer with very little edge removal without detempering.

* User Friendly

A forerunner in quality kitchen tools, the Chefs Choice Model 110 ensures that multiple knives can be sharpened in several minutes, whereas other sharpeners might take that long or longer to do one knife. The elastomeric angle guides built into the unit gives a high-precision sharpening and is also user-friendly and consistent. It comes with simple to follow instructions to help you get incredibly sharp edges if followed properly.

This tool comes with a 2-year household warranty3-stage sharpening removes little metal when compared to other sharpening methods

The blades hardness stays intact and the diamond abrasives dont detemper your knives

To ensure the right sharpening pressure, the blade is precisely aligned by foolproof magnetic guides

Easy to handle and effective results make this product one of the most in demand sharpeners available on the market today


Not good for serrated knives

You need to be really careful with your knives after using this sharpener because they are that sharp and they will cut very easily

As knives are pulled through the slots, grinding noises will be heard during the process, so it is not really an encouraging activity during another housemates nap-time or at night


Ideal for hunting, sporting and cooking knives, this is an excellent device for virtually any type of knife except for serrated knives. However, there is a knife sharpener by Chefs Choice that is specifically made for serrated blades. The Chefs Choice 110 Professional Diamond Hone Sharpener has been scientifically designed keeping into the mind your need and comfort. If you care about your knives and you want them to perform at the optimum level of efficiency, then the #110 is definitely for you. Try it risk free by getting yours now.