Chef’s Choice 120 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener Reviews

The Chefs Choice brand is well-known for its superior performance and reliability. Favored by professional chefs as well as homemakers, their knife sharpeners can put an extremely sharp edge on just about any knife in fifteen to thirty seconds. They are not a gimmick like many other sharpeners on the market today. Founded in 1984, their goal was to create the worlds best electric knife sharpener that would be easy and simple for the home cook to use.

This passion has led to the creation of the most popular electric knife sharpeners for the kitchen which performs professional quality sharpening on just about any knife, from gourmet to hunting knives. You can even sharpen serrated knives with the Chefs Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener. Agreed, there are quality alternatives available for knife sharpening that will give you a similar razor-sharp edge, none of these come near what the professional the 120 can do.

1) 3-Stage Precision Sharpening

Take your knives to a new level of sharpness. 3 stages make it easy for you to quickly and effortlessly obtain a factory style edge. The first stage helps you sharpen the edge by making use of 100 percent diamond abrasives. The second stage provides a superior edge bite with its super-hardened honing steel which develops a sharp edge with very sharp microscopic teeth.

While the third stage is a stropping disk (flexible) used for polishing the edge to hairsplitting sharpness. Simply run any household carbon, stainless steel or alloy steel knife through the 120 sharpener to quickly hone your knives to razor-sharpness.

2) Trizor-Plus Edge

To always ensure a cut-ready edge, this brands proprietary Trizor Plus edge honing system uses the power of diamond abrasives for an excellent sharpening surface that will not crack or fail. The result is a stronger and tougher steel that is more resilient which guarantees an ultra-sharp edge that will last up to ten times longer than any domestic or European cutlery brand.

3) Magnetic Pad

It features a magnetic pad to help collect residue which makes the machine easy to clean and maintain. Although a sharp knife is a safe knife, it is always wise to take caution especially with your newly sharpened knives because they will be sharper than you expect. For more convenience, it works very well for just about any kind of knife which includes chefs knives, butcher knives, hunting or sporting knives, and even serrated knives.

4) Precision Angle Guides

No doubt, this is the ultimate in knife sharpening technology. It is safe, easy and very convenient to use. The Chefs Choice Model 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener makes use of precision angle guides to ensure skill free operation. This ensures that just about anyone will be able to use it to give their knife a profession, razor sharp edge every time.


* 100% Diamond Abrasive Will Not Detemper

With the Chefs Choice Edge Select, it takes less time to have all your knives as sharp as new. Also, this compact Hone Three-Stage Knife Sharpener is easy to use and does not take up much space. Perfect for economical and high-end, quality knives, the the diamond surfaces operate in a very cool way so the cutting edge never detempers.

* Very Safe of Chefs Choice M120 Knife Sharpener

Just like every electric knife sharpeners, this is also very safe. Your knife blade is securely tucked into the slot of this sharpener; which means that it cannot make any contact with your skin. Also, the sharpening surface poses no problems because the knife slot is very narrow for a users hand (even a childs hand) to squeeze into. The spring loaded slots keep the knife at an exact grinding angle so they hug the blade so it doesnt slip off. This proves safe even for the most high-end knives.

* Easy to Use

This multi-stage knife sharpener is lightning fast, safe, and very easy to use. Anyone can easily put astonishingly sharp and long-lasting edges on their knives in seconds. The knife blade is held securely against the guides through the elastomeric springs that are built into it, eliminating all guesswork. No technical skill is needed to operate this professional multi-stage knife sharpener which makes it very convenient to use.

* Long Lasting Diamond Abrasives

The best Chef Choice sharpeners are easy to use and durable. The cutting surfaces are 100 percent diamond-impregnated. Since diamond cuts very fast and smooth, it is very durable, and since it runs cool, this sharpener does not draw temper from your knifes blade. A super sharp and super durable knife edge configuration created by angle-guides also make the sharpening offered by this sharpener far superior to similar models.

3-Year Warranty

Spring guides keep knives at correct angle

Sharpens your fine cutlery for the best performance and protects it against costly damage

It has a soft, flexible stropping wheel that works for butcher knives, gourmet chefs knives, serrated knives, sporting knives, etc.

Comes with easy to follow instructions. Even the least experienced adult can learn to sharpen their knives with this 120 Diamond Hone by Chef Choice in only a few quick minutes.


For inexperienced people, there is a learning curve involved

It does not last forever. Needs to be sent to the factory for maintenance.

The dimensions are 12 * 6.2 * 6.2 inches which means that it will take up counter space

Please note that the Chefs Choice Model 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener does not sharpen scissors, however, Edge Craft (the manufacturer) does manufacture scissors sharpener. This model requires no sharpening oils or liquids and it is made in the United States.

If you are considering a knife sharpener, feel free to purchase this product because your knives will be safer once they are sharper and you would not believe how much easier cutting and chopping can be with this particular model by Chefs Choice. Once the sharpener arrives, you can start working on the kitchen knives in order to restore all of them to the original condition so as to add value to your collection.