Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

The Chefs Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is ultra-efficient. It maintains sharp edges on knives for efficient chopping and dicing. You only need to pass the knife through each slot a few times and this precision electric knife sharpener will deliver unsurpassed sharpening satisfaction. As the name tells, it is all about the strength of diamonds. This knife sharpener does a much better job of sharpening than most steel, stones, or professional sharpening services.

Although there are many knife sharpeners in the market that claim to do the best job, Chefs Choice Model 320 does the job more efficiently and is recommended by leading professional chefs and cutlery experts for sharpening quality cutlery. This makes it is the best 2-

Stage electric sharpener on the market today. If you have just bought a cutting knife, sustaining the blade guarantees maximum value out of your investment. That is where this unit comes in it really leaves a sharp edge on any quality knife within the shortest time frame and does not require any tedious manual labor to operate.

1) 2-Stage Sharpening

This professional two-stage electric knife sharpener by Edge

Craft lets you sharpen and strop both straight and serrated knives. Stage one makes use of 100 percent diamond coated disk and stage two uses a polishing/stropping disk to give your knife a sharp and durable edge. It sharpens with less material removal than conventional machines.

2) Internal Elastomeric Guides

This revolutionary knife sharpener does not only help you create an incredibly sharp edge with the 2-stage sharpening. But the Internal elastomeric spring guides keep knife blades in the right position so they are held at the proper angle to the sharpening surfaces, making sharpening very easy. This eliminates all the guesswork so you get a fast, perfect edge every time. This also guarantees a properly sharpened knife.3) 100% Diamond Honing

The Chefs Choice Model 320 uses a hundred percent fine diamond abrasives; guaranteed to never detemper. Because of their extreme hardness, diamond abrasives sharpen the blade without damaging or overheating it. If you have tried other knife sharpeners and your knife isnt nearly as sharp as you would like it to be, then this might just be perfect for you. This is because of the 100 percent diamond honing which is great for taking an edge from dead blunt to very sharp quickly.

4) Stabilizing Feet with Simple On/Off Switch

With the non-slip stabilizing feet, you can easily use this knife sharpener on any flat surface without the risk of moving or accidents. When in use, the stabilizing feet and the specially designed base keep the sharpener fixed so as to avoid any moving or unfortunate accidents. The stabilizing feet also makes it very convenient for countertop use. The simple on / off switch is very easy to operate, anyone can use it.


* Reliable for Use with Professional Knives

This unit can restore a fifteen degree-edge for Asian style blades along with twenty-degree edge regarding European; as well as American style knives. It also has the ability to resurface serrated knives or fine-edge, pocket knives, sports knives and even conventional Japanese-style single-bevel edges and also double-bevel blades. This is the most reliable and safe knife sharpener ever. The unit is eco-friendly and it makes your knives perfectly usable again.

* For Durable, Longer-Lasting Edges

The #320 sharpens every knife (straight and serrated) with diamond precision giving it the long-lasting sharp edge. As discussed above, this unit uses a two-stage process that is precision-engineered to give you a razor-sharp edge quickly and safely. The kind of sharp edge created by this knife sharpener ensures the knife cuts very cleanly and that the edge is strong and long lasting.

* It Does Not Require Any Special Skill to Operate

Unlike other brands out there, getting a razor sharp edge is fairly easy with this unit and it doesnt require any professional knife sharpening skills. It has an easy-to-use design which makes it a great tool to have. Designed to take the hassle out of sharpening, these sharpeners can renew the edge of knives, and most other cutting tools. It sharpens in a fraction of the time required by conventional stones and it doesnt require any messy stones, oils or water.

* Superbly Sharp

Sharpening each of your knives by hand takes too much time. This unit helps you save time and money with its innovative 2-stage process. The blade guides are good enough to give you the idea of how to hold and draw the knife. The Chefs Choice Model 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is the beginning of the finest edge you may ever see on your knives. It is touted as a knife sharpener that can get your knives sharper than the day you got them.

Good Build Quality

Three Year Warranty

Safe to Use with High Quality Knives

Easy to Maintain Can be Brushed Off with a Toothbrush or Paper Towel

Moving Parts (Sharpening Surfaces) Do Not Require Lubrication and Abrasives Dont Need Water


This sharpener is not suitable for heavy sharpening of super-dull knives because it is only a two stage knife sharpener

Like one of the reviewers said on Amazon, if you do not want to spend time sharpening every use of your knife, then it is better to get one of the three section units (Chefs Choice 120).


All in all, the Chefs Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is certainly a must buy knife sharpener for those who simply love cooking and dont want to let their precious knives go to waste. It comes with excellent features that make it very easy to use and it is very affordable. The two year warranty that comes with every purchase shows commitment to quality. The Chefs Choice Model 320 also meets US Safety Standards as it was engineered and assembled in the USA.