Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Review

The Chicago Cutlery Knife set Insignia2 26 Piece Knife Block Set is a decent all-round addition to a regular kitchen.

The Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Insignia2 26 piece Block Setis quite a good set for kitchen and dining use. Chicago are a well- known brand and for the price, theChicago Cutlery Knife Setis a relatively good set of knives.

The Chicago Cutlery Knife Set includes
1 x 3 inch pairing knife
1 x 3.5 inch pairing knife
1 x 5 inch Boning knife
1x 5.5 inch Utility Kitchen knife
1 x 6.75 inch Santoku Knife (see below for explanation)
1 x 4.75 inch Partoku Knife (see below for explanation)

An 8 inch Slicing knife

An 8 inch Chef Knife8 x 4 inch Steak Knives (not serrated)

This Chicago Cutlery Knife Setalso includes a cutting board and a 6 piece cheese set as well as a hardwood block and a mouse knife sharpener (a small pull through knife sharpener).

A Santoku is a Japanese style knife that is similar to a cleaver but it is smaller and has a much narrower blade. They are extremely sharp and come with a granton edge that makes them good for dicing and fine chopping. The Santoku usually has a 5 -7 inch blade with a curved edge.

A Partoku is a knife that is similar to a Santoku but is much smaller. It is basically in between a pairing knife and a Santoku. It is a registered trademark of Chicago cutlery. Again this knife is very good for dicing vegetables and the width of the blade makes it easy to spoon things that you have cut into bowls or dishes etc. The Partoku comes in many sizes but all have blades under 5 inches and straight blade edges.

Every knife in the Chicago Cutlery Knife Sethas a full tang that goes to the end of the handle and is made of high quality stainless steel to avoid burring and rust. Each handle has a polymer insert that provides balance and comfort. The Chicago Cutlery Knife Setis good for someone who is interested in a knife set but doesnt wish to spend a lot.

Good Points

Price, variety of knives, good for home use.

Bad Points

The 26 piece set is a bit of marketing tool it makes you think you are getting so much for your money. It is really an 8 knife set, as the cheese set, knife sharpener and steak knives are really just add ons. The Steak knives in theChicago Cutlery Knife Setare not serrated, the knife sharpener works but you would be better off buying a proper sharpening steel.

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