Cold Steel Ti-Lite Pocket Knife

Cold steel is popular for its high grade tools and blades. It popularized the American Tanto back in 1980, and it offers formidable everyday carry (EDC) and tactical knife, the Ti-Lite. Costing from low to medium price range, the Ti-Lite knife measures 5.2 inches when closed and weighs 3.5 ounces. It comes with a 4-inch or 6-inch blade, but this review discusses only the shorter 4-inch long blade. The overall length of this type of Ti-Lite knife is just over 8 inches, making it an ideal EDC knife. The 6-inch version, which weighs 5.7-ounce and is relatively larger, on the other hand, hardly fits the role of an EDC.

In comparison, the 4-inch Ti-Lite knife has the same dimensions and weight of the Spyderco Para-military, one of the top EDCs right now in the market at the same price point. Unlike a lot of other EDCs, the Ti-Lite handle is not curved to fit the contour of the palm. Instead, it has a standard straight design. In fact, it is pretty clear that this knife is a tactical weapon first and an everyday tool second.

The blade is made of AUS-8A stainless steel with a hollow grind finish and a spear tip shape, making it very effective for piercing and penetration. The machined aluminum handle adds a lot of weight to the knife, but then it gives you a solid feel when you hold it in your hands.

The stainless steel liners extend through the length of the handle and you can see them through the cutouts on the handle. They have a polished finish, which gives it a great look. The handles themselves are pretty well made despite the fact that they lack ergonomics. To open up the blade, you have two quillions protruding out on the edges of the bolster. They are not very comfortable to rest your fingers on, and they make it rather awkward and uncomfortable to hold the blade in a normal position. However, the knife does feel comfortable in a reverse and hammer grip, once again emphasis its effectiveness as a piercing tactical folder.

The Cold Steel Ti-Lite Knife has a rather unique way of opening rapidly when you pull out it of your pocket. This happens when the quillion snags on the edge of the pocket when the knife is being pulled out, and a fast jerk can swiftly open the blade as the knife exits. It works rather well because the shape of the handle makes it stick out a little out of most pockets. You also have the standard thumb stud to open up the blade if you do not want to use the quillion. Unfortunately, the thumb stud is only for the right hand. If you are a southpaw, unfortunately, you will need to work with your wrong hand.

Pros and cons:

The Cold Steel Ti-Lite Knife is a great tactical knife, especially for piercing and stabbing moves. The 6-inch knife is even better, but it is very big for a folder and is not ideal as an EDC. Amazon has 36 reviews on the product, seven of which are 4-star reviews and the rest are all 5-star reviews. According to one reviewer, It is quick to deploy when pulled out of pocket, when flicking it open, and using thumb stud as well.

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Last updated on April 25, 2018 2:21 pm