Engraved Pocket Knives

Engraved pocket knives are one of the great choices as a gift for someone special to you on many occasions. You can impart an extra flair and a personal touch to a pocket knife by inscribing initials, names, logos, inspiring messages and even the artwork on the blade or the handle of the knife.

Many techniques, such as laser engraving, are available for doing quality engraving at a reasonable cost. An engraved knife offers a great way to show ownership and one will not like to lose it.

Pocket knives are available in a variety of designs, materials, fishes, sizes and colors with specific applications. These knives are very durable. They can have stainless steel, sterling silver or steel blades that will hold for long. The handles are also made of different materials and beautifully crafted to make this gift even more prized by their owners.

The pocket knives also symbolize pride, preparedness and protection. These are small sized knives usually 3 inch to 5 inch length. These are also referred as folding knives and are one of the most versatile tools.

The pocket knife can have a single or more blades. Some knives come with a few tools as well. Many knives are provided with an opening mechanism with the press of a button.

The pocket engraved knives are useful as multi-functional knives, hunting knives, keychain knives or even kitchen cutlery. You can find a pocket knife that matches the needs of the person, whoever you want to gift it, and make it special with engraving.

An engraved pocket knife can make a great gift on several occasions such as a groomsmen gift, a gift on birthday graduation and anniversary to memorize the occasion with different inscriptions.

In addition, it can be gifted to congratulate someone, given as an award in recognition of an employees performance with his name, message and companys logo on it and so on.

Selecting the Best Pocket Knife with Engraving:

Some knives are better suited to engraving or printing. You can find a number of vendors offering quality pocket knives with engraving from various trusted brands that will last a lifetime and carry the engraved personal message.

Here are a few of the top quality knives available online that can be a great choice or help in selecting an engraved personalized pocket knife.

Buck 110 Hunter:

It is one of the most popular hunting knife designs. This has been a favorite of many campers, hunt men and fisherman. A personalized message can be engraved on the blade.

Buck Nobleman:

It is a stylish knife that can be a great gift with engraving. It has 2.5 stainless steel drop point super sharp blade. It is also reasonably priced.

Wenger Esquire with Swiss Army Knife Design:

It is a classic Swiss Army Knife that has been a favorite for all the time for gifting. You can find several Swiss Army Knife designs. This has a brushed stainless body that gives it a classy appearance.

SOG Twitch:

It also has a slightly over 2-1/2 long stainless steel blade and a perfect locking mechanism. You can get the engraving on its anodized aluminum handle.

Spyderco Dragonfly:

This pocket knife is one of the superb designs offered by Spyderco. The dragonfly has a steel blade and is an ideal choice for personalizing. It is very much affordable.

There are many popular sites on the internet that offer a selection of quality engraved pocket knives and services for engraving as well to select your ideal gift.