Holistic Drug Rehab

The word holistic refers to treatment programs and medical care that addresses the whole entity of an individual—including aspects of mental, physical and spiritual health. Holistic Drug Rehab is based on theories of holism, which stress the existence and importance of human components, rather than treating a person as merely the sum of his parts. Holistic treatment also refers to a style of care that incorporates the entire patient in every facet.

Holistic Drug Rehabs can vary immensely. Some employ the traditional 12 Step method; some centers use meditation and yoga to hone skills of focus. Some facilities focus on acupuncture, fitness and nutrition with the hope that an overall health makeover will do the trick.

As covered above, holistic treatment is an all-inclusive and well-rounded treatment strategy. Holistic Drug Rehab offers a wide range of services, from medical detox to acupuncture and physical exercise. It may even incorporate chiropractic care, massage therapy, vitamin drips or nutritional guidance—all depending on the specific case and the needs of the individual.

As a well-rounded and spiritually involved form of treatment, Holistic Drug Rehab stresses the importance of spirituality and its role in successful recovery. Many addicts turn to drugs or alcohol because they lack something spiritually in life. While holistic addiction treatment center offer a temporary high, they are not permanent happiness or satisfaction. Holistic philosophies hold that these are feelings that come from within. By encouraging patients to make their own spiritual journey, Holistic Drug Rehabs provide permanent sources of happiness in life. Some facilities encourage empowerment through God, while others employ methods of meditation and prayer.

Because holistic care is individually based, you can count on a Holistic Drug Rehab to tailor-make and provide treatment based on each client’s needs. If an addict is struggling with a mental condition concurrent to his abusive tendencies, holistic care specialists can tailor a recovery program to address the mental and emotional issues at hand. Doing so can play a large role in preventing relapse.

The Holistic Drug Rehab Center Living Environment

Most Holistic Drug Rehabs are inpatient and slightly longer-termed programs. This is vital to the process of recovery. In a safe, comfortable and family-like atmosphere, clients can receive the individualized care they require.

Holistic care facilities often provide on-site exercise instruction, nature walks and explorations, meditation, massage, etc. These additional group activities help clients to stay mentally stimulated and challenged in a fun way each day.

Luxury and executive rehabilitation in a holistic setting is available to business professionals who would prefer to have their own room and upscale living conditions. However, on a general basis holistic treatment tends to be higher scale in beautiful surroundings and environments already.

Holistic program chefs provide highly nutritious meals as a form of therapy to clients, as many addicts enter rehab with physically diminished bodies in great need of nutritional rehabilitation. Mental health, emotional stability and spiritual completeness depend largely on physical health and nutrition.

Aftercare as a Part of Holistic Treatment

Different from dual diagnosis drug rehab, holistic Drug Rehab focuses on the entire being. These facilities pride themselves in providing tools for confidence, empowerment and happiness both inside and out. By exploring the various facets of a person’s addiction, clients find the root causes of their addictions and learn techniques to deal with challenges in life in a health way: free of drugs or alcohol.

One of the most important aspects of drug and alcohol treatment is the aftercare program. This is the part of the facility which stays in touch with, counsels and provides support to program completions, to further ensure their success when at home. Ensure the Holistic Drug Rehab program you decide on includes this in their program.