Iain Sinclair Cardsharp Folding Knife review

Ultra thin and very light, thats what Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 Credit Card Sized Folding Knife is all about. It is one of those trending safety knives that would be foldable to the size of a credit card. Light, portable and easy to carry, you simply have to insert this ingenious creation into a credit card slot on your wallet to take it with you. Creative yet functional, it indeed is a must-have item.

As there are a lot of fake folding knives out there in the market bearing the same brand, Ill try to make the description as specific as possible. Right off the box, it is folded like a credit card (and measures just the same). A knob secures the blade into place. Take note that the genuine ones have a green background. Youre going to turn that all the way around (till the green disappeared) to free the blade. Now, the blade is made up of a very thin stainless steel, measuring to about 2.2 mm in terms of thickness and has a 65 mm cutting edge. Right off the box, it should be razor sharp as it was described to be made with surgical blade technology. Etched on the blade should be the serial number, the product name (CardSharp) and the Iain Sinclair signature. If its dull or one of the etched markers is missing, youre going to have to doubt the authenticity of the product your received. The rest of the knife is made up of plastic and should have Iain Sinclairs signature and web address etched unto it. The two flaps in the side fold over each other to secure the blade and act as the handle. The knobs on the smaller one fit on the holes seen with the larger flap. For genuine Iain Sinclairs, they stay in place and are quite sturdy. A grove for the thumb and some serrations on the opposite side allows a comfortable and safe grip when used. As mentioned it is quite sharp and can be used for your standard kitchen functions such as peeling, cutting and slicing. It is quite thin and fits your typical credit card slot so it is very portable.

Light and easy in your hand, the knife is quite sharp and durable for its size. Razor sharp right out of the box, it cuts through a lot of materials such as paper, cardboard, thin leathers and some plastics. In fact, it could seriously hurt somebody when used for stabbing. It is sturdy and has a comfortable grip. A very interesting feature is its portability, as it is the size of a credit card when not in its knife form, you get to take it everywhere with you without anyone knowing. It is very light and thin so you hardly feel that you have it in your wallet or pocket. It has its own safety features, too. Finger grooves and serrations protect your fingers from being nicked while a small knob acts as the knifes locking system in the credit card form. There are several indications to make sure that it is authentic (which are all mentioned in the previous paragraph) so you are going to have to thoroughly inspect the product when you received it to make sure that it is genuine. Most of its interesting features (functionality, durability and safety) are only present in the original so it is not quite hard to differentiate.

Most of the complaints that circulate in the internet are related to receiving the fake products, as there are a lot of sellers of the imitations. But the authentic ones have very little issues, if I do say so myself. First, theres the knob that secures the blade. It is sturdy and secure but it takes time to turn it around and that is not really appropriate for emergency situations. Also, it could easily break (as it is quite small) and when it does, the blade would not fold back into place anymore. Then, we have the plastic handle. No metal linings or carbon fibers, just plain old plastic which feels quite sturdy but is not really that strong either. The blade is very thin so it might not be made to cut thicker materials or used with greater pressure.

Sharp, functional, durable and portable. This Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 Credit Card Sized Folding Knife is indeed a beautiful piece of innovation that you might want to have a space in your wallet. Available at Amazon for a very cheap price, you might want it as a treat for the Yuletide season.

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Last updated on April 16, 2018 5:49 am