Japanese Kitchen Knives

A professional Chef once said that a kitchen without Japanese kitchen knives is not a kitchen. That is a very bold statement which has rendered many kitchen lovers speechless and even aroused the desire to know more about this Japanese kitchen cutlery, these knives are a rare commodity but their value is Immeasurable.

When going shopping for any kitchen cutlery, most of time our attention is caught by the shiny knives in the malls or at times someone may have spoken well about a particular brand of knives and we end up buying without much research only to find out later that we have been duped. Most of the said steel kitchen knives never last that long and at times become very rusty within a short period of time.

Do not go for cheaper cutlery just for the sake of saving a dime! a wise man once said, cheap is expensive and the same is true about kitchen knives. Now that I have spoken about price, do not think that Japanese kitchen knives are that expensive, in fact what isolates them from other cutlery is their high quality yet very affordable.

In case you are wondering what the difference between the high quality Japanese kitchen knives and other low quality blades is, you need to understand the history behind these kitchen knives.

The Japanese hand-made blades have a history dating back to over 700 hundred years ago when their manufacture was initiated by the most skilled Japanese craftsmen. Initially they were handmade and the tradition is well preserved, they are to date hand made.

When you get hold of Japanese kitchen knives, you will note their difference from other low quality cutlery due to the fact that they are heavier than their low quality counterparts. The Japanese invest time and skill in the manufacture of these knives hence every kitchen which has even a single blade from these world renown craftsmen, is highly valued.

There was a time in the Japanese history when knives and swords were forbidden on the public, due to this restriction, the sword craftsmen developed their skill to the highest level because the supply was only for the high end market.

Until now the trend of making high quality knives is still on and no matter how we advance in technology, Japanese kitchen knives will always have a special place in our kitchens.

The first knife to be made by these wordsmiths was called deba bocho, which was manufactured in 1688 and used in the kitchen. Deba bocho was later followed by gyuto, misono, hankotsu and sujihiki whose quality is matchless.

If you respect and value your kitchen, never settle for the low quality stainless steel labeled knives. Go for something that will give you quality for your value. The topmost Chefs in the industry will tell you that the best cutlery to have in your kitchen the Japanese cutlery.

If quality is your final resort, never let anyone hoodwink you with low quality expensive kitchen ware while you can settle for high quality yet affordable Japanese kitchen knives.

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