Ka-Bar Mule Folding Knife Review

For decades, Ka-Bar has been manufacturing and selling high-grade knives at prices most of us can afford. Starting all the way back in 1898, the company rose to prominence during World War 2 and many of its knives are synonymous with high quality and durability.

Here we review the Ka-Bar Mule Folding knife, a 3.5-inch tactical knife that has been praised for its value for money and solid feel. However, there has been some criticism by a few owners because the locking mechanism seems to fail after a while, despite the fact that the knife uses a strong solid steel lockback system.

If you look at most complaints about the lock mechanism, they seem to be an issue that can be solved by adjusting the pivot screw. Overall, the lockback system is proven strong and efficient over decades of use. Additionally, the solid steel lockback does not look like something that can give up so easily.

The Ka-Bar Mule uses a clip point blade made of AUS-8A steel with a Teflon coating. For its price, the steel quality is rather good. The blade is partially serrated, but at a point where the knife does not snag on clothing. The Teflon coating tends to wear off with medium to heavy use, so be careful if you want to keep it looking good.

This is a great knife to hold if you have large hands, in normal as well as reverse grip. The handle comes with thin lines of hard rubber that add to the grip, and it gets a little narrow toward the blade, making it comfortable to hold when using the knife for precision movements like cutting box tapes or carving wood. The AUS-8A blade is also a rarity among low cost knives, which makes the Mule great value for money.

The overall quality of the knife is in keeping with Ka-Bars quality over the years, and you can expect this folder to last for years, if not decades, when taken care of properly. The handle of the Ka-Bar Mule is quite heavy when compared to similarly sized folding knives (it weighs around half a pound), but it proves to be a positive because the knife has a very solid feel in hands.

The Ka-Bar Mule Folding knife is a very solid knife at an affordable price, and one that you can trust whenever you go out camping or to just open up a couple of boxes. Amazon offers it at a really good price, and all 32 user reviews on the product are all praises about the product with 28 5-star and three 4-star reviews.

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