Kasumi Knives

Kasumi Knives produce both some of the most traditional, and the most cutting edge (forgive the pun!) knives available today. Kasumi knives are manufactured in Seki, Japan, which is home to the Japanese swordsmith industry.

Style and manufacture

Traditional Kasumi knives are made using the “Damascus Effect”, which involves layering steel 32 times in order to create an incredibly strong piece of steel. The handles are made of treated wood, but with a full-length metal tang down the centre. The finished effect is a knife of uncompromising strength, excellent balance, and a pleasing traditional appearance.

Kasumi have also released a new range of knife: the Kasumi Titanium range. This range won the Excellence in Homewares “Cutting Edge” award 2004. The knives are unique in that they are manufactured from a metal called molybdenum vanadium, and then coated with titanium, creating a blade that combines steel and titanium for the sharpest edge possible.

Other benefits of this material are that it is corrosion proof in naturally occurring environments, it is chemical and acid resistant, as well as being more abrasion resistant than steel. For real gourmets/knife geeks there is also the benefit that the knife does not generate ferrous ions, which prevents any food being chopped from developing a metallic taste.

Our views and advice for buyers

One of the advantages of this breakthrough in knife design is the fact that this titanium treatment allows the knife to be coloured in an interesting new hue, allowing you to choose between standard grey, gold, or even blue blades, with a handle made of black ceramic. All in all this knife takes the design of an incredibly ancient and simple object up to new heights of achievement. Top class!

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