Kitchen Knife Reviews

There are plenty of knives in the market that could confuse even those who thought they know their steel blades. But there are others that stand out from the rest in almost every aspect that it is worth looking into and evaluating if indeed such type of knife is really for you and your different uses. One of these is the Wusthof classic knife. Wusthof has been in the business of perfecting their craft in manufacturing the finest cutlery since 1814. What sets apart this company from the rest in terms of the finest knives is their dedication to the forging process of steel from beginning to end. Forging is the process of hammering a single piece of metal to shape the knife. In contrast to forging, an alternative way is to stamp out the shape of the knife from the piece of metal thus it is called stamping. Experts with blades know that forging produces the better quality because stamping makes out a thinner and lighter blade which is harder to control. Often stamping is synonymous with cheap knives while forging produces high quality blades.

With the recent technological advancement, the company has harnessed the capacities of the modern equipments and combined seamlessly the precise skill of their workers with computer or robot aided manufacturing process to deliver the best blades in the market today.

Although the company offers a wide variety of knife models including the Gourmet, Grand Prix, Culinar and Le Cordon Bleu, the best selling of them all is the Classic. Aptly branded, this type has not seen any change over the years. This type sport the handle with 3 rivet design which really looks classic yet stylish. The feel and accurate fit of the handle goes with the traditional appearance as well. The 8 inches Chef knife has a very good balance and feel although this is really the mark of Wusthof knives. Many critic and experts even claim that this is as perfect as a knife could get.

The perfect balance was contributed by the forging process that the blade went through. It also matters that the high carbon stainless steel for the Classic extends until the end of the handle or what they call a full tang. This is the usual characteristic of top of the line knives available in the market. The coverage of the blade from tip to the handle contributes much to a well balance and long-lasting knife.

However, recent government regulations have banned wooden handles in industrial and restaurant kitchens and preparations tables for hygienic purposes and this leaves the classic out of the picture all together. If you have the same concern, you might want to try the Grand Prix II which has a plastic handle with textured grip. This has become the alternative choice of many as the Culinar does not provide a comfortable handle. Dont worry about the quality because the blades of Wusthof knives are all the same. They only differ on the type and design of handle.

Compared with the other brands in the market, the Wusthof classic is quite on the expensive side as it is a top of the line brand and model. However, if you consider the versatility, ease in usage and durability of this knife, the investment could prove to be worth it in the end. They even have a lifetime guarantee which gives you the assurance that indeed, if you could only have one knife in your entire lifetime, it would be the Wusthof.