Masamoto Knives

Masamoto Knives, the Finest Japanese Cooking Knives

With over 150 years of kitchen knife making history in Japan, Masamoto knives are number 1 sushi knives used by top notch sushi chefs in Japan and in the world. If you are a professional sushi chef you must definitely know the quality of Masamoto knives when it comes to sushi preparations.

According to the story, Tomonosuke the founder of Masamoto, who was born in 1845 dedicated all his life and efforts to creating and crafting the best kitchen knives in Japan. His goal and what he always thought about and said to all people that he met is

I decided to make kitchen knives in my life, I want to make the best kitchen knife and my name would be known to the people in the future. And now the goal has finally achieved, because after 5 generations of crafting high quality kitchen knives with relentless passion and expertise, Masamoto knives are know one of the best there is in the world, and definitely the best when it comes to sushi.

When it comes to preparing sushi, not just commercially prepared sushi, but top class genuine Japanese sushi, preparation is no joke, and so will the quality be. Depending highly on the tools you use, sushi would be perfect as long as the chef has the expertise and proper tools at his arsenal.

Once I was able to come and experience the famed Edomae sushi of a Japanese restaurant and boy it was good! One of my companions requested for the chef and asked how come this food really tastes this great. The chef answered through experience, skill, and tools. Without them, it would really taste like crap. So I wondered how important the tools are, which the kitchen knives in preparing sushi and sashimi. The answer lies in the blade of the knives and the functionality of tools that are available at the chefs hands.

Masamoto knives are simply the one you would want to have in your kitchen, especially if you want to prepare sushi the right way, either for business or for pleasure. Dont settle for anything less, try and check out Masamoto knives, the best hand crafted sets of sushi knives there is that you can imagine in very affordable prices. You can also order at the same time traditional Masamoto sheaths or saya made from wood to make it safer to carry around your knives and to make it look fashionable.

Order one now and experience what Im talking about.

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