Misono Knives

Famed as the best chef knives ever made, Misono knives are top quality, hand forged knives that are crafted by skillful blade smiths backed by almost 800 years of cultural expertise in sword crafting. With blades revolutionized by Japanese sword crafters, Misono knives are simply the best there is, just as how the Japanese swords took the world by storm in the times when swords mean life and death to Japanese warriors.

With undoubted fame, Japanese cutlery is sought after by top hotel restaurant chefs, and chefs of all kinds of cuisine in the world because of their functionality, superior cutting ability, and durability. Discover how these 3 factors create a huge gap of quality that sets these Japanese kitchen knives above the competition.


Like how the hammer was built for driving and pulling nails, Misono knives are specifically made for purposes that no other common knife can do. Usually people intend to use knives for cutting, but there are times that knives are needed other than cutting. Like for peeling, boning, and carving, or sushi preparation, common kitchen knives could perform at the lowest quality at these situations because they werent made for the purpose. Misono knives are crafted in a sense that you will have something to use perfectly for any situation. With sets from paring knife to santoku and gyotu knives which are of different sizes and lengths you have the option to bring out the best in what you do with Misono knives.

Superior Cutting Ability

Beware, this is no ordinary kitchen knife. Japanese hand forged knives are crafted from the idea of creating the best sword there is in the world. Before they started making top quality cutlery, Seki City the sword capital of Japan, were crafting swords for Japanese warriors that could cut through human flesh in a single slash. Just imagine how sharp those blades would be. Now imagine the same cutting ability in the knives that you would have in your kitchen, or restaurant kitchens. There would be less effort in cutting anything and speedy preparations of food for you. Isnt that better?


These knives arent easy to get rid of. Being crafted in ways that no other group of people can do, Japanese hand crafted knives are durable and resistant to any damage that can be acquired by kitchen knives. When others would be breaking, Misono knives are still cutting.

Do not be fooled by expensive kitchen knives that you see on TV, try out Misono knives and I assure you, you wont be looking out for anything else anymore, this is all you need.

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