PC Repair Steps – Fix Windows XP

So most of us in todays computer market still use Microsoft Windows Xp. So we will talk a little about it in this entry of New Jersey Computer Repair.

thermal paste XP does not have many security loop holes, however once you get a computer on the internet it is a completely different ball game. When a computer has access to the internet it basically has access to any website and the website has access (limited) to your home computer in New Jersey.

So to combat these facts, we need to take action. We need an active firewall to be running and screening our internet activity. Unfortunately the built in Windows XP firewall is not good enough. Do a Google search for Free Firewall Software and read about a few free programs. Pick one and if you want Email us here at [email protected] and ask us what we think about the firewall software.

After you do that get an antivirus program called AVG Antivirus Free Edition. Install this and do a full scan of your home computer in New jersey. Remove or Quarantine all of what AVG finds on your home computer repair job.