Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives Things to Know

The pocket knives are some of the most convenient, as well as useful knives that are available. These knives have gone through many changes. These are folding knives that may have single or multiple blades. You can find blades of various lengths. These are small tool that are used in everyday purposes ranging from cutting a wire to opening bottles. Such knives are inexpensive equipment which offers excellent versatility. A good quality pocket knife generally has blades made of stainless steel. If they are cared properly then these knives last for years. You can buy these products easily from various online stores. These knives are available in a huge variety of styles, shapes and designs. Pocket knife is an essential item for every household. These knives are safe to use and carry. Many of these knives come in wonderful carrying cases. The blades can be easily unfolded and they remain perfectly sharp for a long time.

Blade styles

The blades in the pocket knives are of different types and styles.
Clip point- This is one of the most popular styles of blade found in a pocket knife. The top portion of these knives has a straight shape from the middle part of the blade to the handle. From the middle portion the blade is slightly curved to the knifes tip. The curved portion is known as clip.
Drop point- This type of blade is used in the multipurpose knives. This type of knives is quite popular. The blades top portion runs straight from the knifes handle, and then curves downwards to the tip. Lots of pocket knife brands use this type of blades. These blades offer larger cutting area and stronger tip.
Spear point- These blades are proportioned and a tip is present in the center of the blade. This type of blades is used in throwing knife. These blades are useful for slicing.
Tanto- The tips in these blades are raised much higher in comparison to other knives. The blades bottom edge meets its top portion in straight angle rather than curve. This type of blade was designed for piercing hard objects.
Gut hook- This form of blade is quite unique and is used in many pocket knives. At the top of the blade there is a sharp hook. This feature helps in skinning animals.

These are some of the most common forms of blades that are offered by the pocket knife manufacturers.

Uses of pocket knife

You can use the pocket knives for various purposes.
Kitchen use: There are lots of uses of pocket knife in your kitchen. You can use such a knife for opening various corkscrews and bottles. You will also be able to cut fruits, peel vegetables, slice cheese or cut meat.
You can also use a pocket knife as a part of your tool kit. It can be used in several building activities and fixing tasks.
These knives can also be used outdoors by campers
A pocket knife can also be a great gift.

All these make pocket knives one of the most popular tools in the market.

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