Schrade Assisted Opening Knives


It shouldnt come as a surprise to know that cowboys of the Wild West relied on Schrade assisted opening knives. Heres why.

Whenever somebody hears the name of Smith and Wesson, mental images portraying the Wild West comes to mind with fast gun-slinging villains and heroes along with them. As a matter of fact, there are only few names which can ring a traditional bell like that of old-fashioned and good Americanism like Smith and Wesson does. However, have you stopped to think about which type of knives these cowboys, bank robbers and deputies of old put to use? It shouldnt come as a surprise to know that they relied on Schrade assisted opening knives.

Schrade has long provided knives for both soldiers and civilians for the past century. But this wasnt always done by their owner and parent company. Back in the day, they were a completely independent company since the year 1904 in New York. Around three decades ago, they became partners of Smith and Wesson through their parent company of Taylor Brands that was situated in the Appalachian Mountains.

However, despite this change in name, Schrade assisted opening knives are still as qualified as ever to be known as top knives within todays market. Their overall unyielding quality has since translate to more modern tactics of manufacturing that have led to more superior and readily available knives, which most of our great, great grandparents were probably proud to have possession of.

Sadly, it hasnt always been smooth rides for Schrade assisted opening knives. In the summer months of the year 2004, Schrade ended up closing their company doors for good. A lot of knife collectors frantically scrambled to purchase their favorite Schrade assisted opening knives to keep for their personal collections without knowing that Taylor Brands were quick on their feet to pick this same brand up, dust off the old image, and begin making knives with the same trade name once again.

The newer products also include the versatile knife of Uncle Henry, coveted knives of Old Timer, and a lot of other knives. Tons of testimonials and stories have come from satisfied customers, from top champion moose herders to heroes in mountain rescue teams. Schrade has even published their own bill of rights, where they talk about what people should look for when it comes to top quality knives. They also outline various other things which distinguish a top quality, handmade knife out of the sea of discounted, low quality knives.

The very first aspect that they talk about would be the top quality materials that they put to use. They clearly state that around 22 different pants are made with exact precision when it comes to constructing their Schrade assisted opening knives. They also discuss how each knife needs more than 120 various tactics of processing, and each one needs to be carried out with hands. It is estimated that merely ten manufacturers from all over the world are actually able to make use of this many processes with their hands.

They have also published a personal handbook, which outlines the various kinds of knives which they have released along with their positive and negative aspects, as well as what would set them apart compared to other manufacturers. Matched with their handles that are practically unbreakable, this company and their Schrade assisted opening knives definitely do deserve the title of being the best in their trade.

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Last updated on May 14, 2018 9:48 am