Schrade LB7ST Pocket Knife Review

The Schrade LB7ST Uncle Henry Bear Paw knife is a folder with a 3.7-inch blade and a 5-inch handle. Priced at low range, it has a Burnt Stag handle and weighs a relatively hefty 7.6 ounces. The blade is made of 400 Series stainless steel and has grooves running through the length of its back edge. The LB7 Uncle Henry Bear Paw has been a classic folder for several years, but after Schrade got shut down in 2004, the knife has been made in China rather than the U.S.

This, in turn, has led to a dip in its overall quality, but for a price in low range the Schrade LB7ST still makes for a very good knife. Most of the specs have remained the same as the U.S.-made version except for the blade, which uses 400 Series stainless steel. The blade itself is fairly decent with a slightly larger curve than the blade of the old LB7. The grooves at its back end make the blade suitable for shaving, scaling, and rough cutting as well.

The folding mechanism is very smooth and swift, although the lack of thumb studs does slow it down considerably. In order to keep the original design, the knife is also completely closed, unlike most modern EDCS that have an opening in the top half of their handles edge to allow dirt and grime to fall out. The fact that the handle is completely closed means that dirt will collect eventually as you use it. Therefore, you need to take special care in maintaining it.

The handle itself is a thing of beauty. The Burnt Stag makes for very good material, and it is rare to see it being used on such a low-priced knife. It is chunky, functional, strong, and is deeply figured, giving the holder good grip over the knife. The light amber color adds to its beauty, which is accentuated by the brass hilt and bolster. To top it off, you have a thick, hardy casing made of genuine leather. A lot of what people loved about the U.S.-made Schrade has actually remained intact, including the beautiful finish and design.

One of the most beautiful folders available at such a low cost, the Schrade LB7ST Paw is pretty much the same classic that was available almost a decade ago. It does lack some of the quality, and the blade is made of the fairly commonplace Series 400 stainless steel, but you still get a great-looking folding knife for the price. Amazon just has three reviews on it, with all but the last reviewer giving it five stars. The last one gave it a 4-star rating.

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Last updated on May 16, 2018 1:57 am