Shun Knife Sets Review

Summary: The 9 piece Shun Classic Knife Set is designed with the all-round chef in mind. Using Shuns Kasumi knife making method all 9 pieces are very strong and can be used for all kitchen needs.

The Shun Classic 9 piece set features everything you would expect from one of the Shun Knife Sets. It includes 6 beautiful knives, a pair of kitchen shears, a sharpening steel and a bamboo block housing to keep your blades from loosing their edge and getting damaged.

The knife set includes
9 inch bread knife
9 inch slicing knife
8 inch Chef/Cooks knife
6 inch utility knife
3.5 inch pairing knife
2.5 inch Birds Beak knife

A set of kitchen shears

High grade sharpening steel

Every Shun Classic Knife in all Shun Knife Sets is made in Japan following the Kasumi method of knife making. Each Shun Classic knife has a black Pakka

Wood (composite hardwood) handle and a one-piece stainless steel booster, end cap and tang.

Good Points

Very good product. Shun Classic knives really are very good. Every Shun Classic Knife is made by the yasumi method of folding steel the same method used to make samurai swords.

Made from SUS419 high- carbon stainless steel. The blades have a beautiful Damascus look which stops food from sticking to the blade.

The Pakka

Wood handle is amazing, comfortable and every Shun Classic Knife is well balanced. In a word Superb.

Bad Points

Shun knives are especially designed for the user. Every Shun Classic Knife comes in left hand and right hand versions you cannot buy one knife for several people to use. They cost a lot but they are amazing.

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