Smith & Wesson – Insertable Handle with pocket clip

Smith & Wesson CH0014 Black Clip Point Blade is another safety folding knife that comes in a sleek plain black from the base of the handle to the tip of the blade. Simple yet lethal, it is a razor sharp knife made with a good quality that you can use for your standard knife functions (peeling, slicing or cutting) or as your trusted self defense tool. Light and portable with a small clip, you can carry it wherever you go, ready to be unfolded at a moments notice. Quick to open and easy to use, this product is indeed one fine knife.

Weighing 4.5 ounces, the blade has a length of 3.1 inches while the handle is equal to 4.5 inches making the full unfolded knife length about 7.6 inches in length. The blade, with a clip point cut, is made from 400 series stainless steel. It is obsidian black in color and written on its sides are the words Smith & Wessen with their logo. It is very sharp and sturdy and could cut through cardboard, leather and even some ropes. It is a manual blade so to unfold it, you need to push on a thumb stud (on the base of the blade) with your thumb and pair it with a slight flick of the wrist. It should open in about a second and click into place. It is pretty smooth for a manual knife. To close it, you need to apply pressure in the inside of the handle and fold the blade inside till a click is heard. A secure liner locking system keeps it in place so you need not worry that it would suddenly unfold. The handle, made in aluminum, is also black in color with a pattern surface. Im not sure if it is made purely for aesthetics but it sure makes your grip firmer and more secure. At one side are some finger groves to secure your hold with the knife. At the back is a sturdy, non-transferable clip that you can attach to the waistband of your jeans that makes it easy to take it anywhere.

It is a lovely knife. I enjoy the simplicity of its design and the practicality of it. The blade is also really sharp. You could use it for a lot of functions and that is a real bonus. High quality and sturdy, it doesnt wobble or feel unsecure when being used. It feels easy and comfortable in your hand. Unfolding it is also really fun. Once you get used to the turning and the flicking, it becomes easier to handle. Part of its appeal, probably, is that it is a manual knife but still quite quick and lethal when used by appropriate hands. The liner locking system provides for the security of the knife so it wont accidentally slip and injure somebody. The handle is also neat. It allows for a firm grip and the patterns made sure that it stays in your hand real nice. The finger grove prevents the user from accidentally injuring himself. The clip in the back is sturdy and tight. It holds the knife pretty much in place when you move around. Strong and durable, it surprisingly was able to stand abuse for quite a long period. Although quite small, it is indeed very useful and quite dependable for a knife.

Unfolding the knife takes some practice. Once you get used to it, it becomes no problem at all but the first time you test the knife, you would not be as quick. There are also a few complaints that it is hard to open but it is quite smooth, I believe. It just needs some getting used to. Folding it close is another matter altogether. It is quite difficult to put the blade back in place, especially as you need to place pressure in the area where the blade is supposed to be folded and that is quite dangerous. Finally, the metal clip cannot be transferred so the knife is mainly for right-handed people. Lefties might have a trouble with the knife.

Despite the issues, it is one interesting knife. Portable, durable and highly functional, it is a fine product that you might want to add in your collected. Sharp with a comfortable grip, there are a lot of things that you could definitely do with this knife. It is sold at a surprisingly cheap price in Amazon. With its fine quality and great look, it is indeed a very good bargain.