Smiths Pocket Knife Sharpener review

Smiths Consumer Products PP1 Pocket Knife Sharpener may just be the missing item in your outdoor survival kit. Portable, durable and very functional, you get a lightweight knife sharpener that you can take anywhere with you. Now when you travel outdoors for quite a period of time, you wont need to have to bring a bulky sharpener or worry about your knife getting dull. Just attach that lanyard to its holder and secure it around your neck and you get to be anywhere carrying your very own knife sharpener or you can just place it in your pocket or bag if you dont fancy anything hanging off your neck. Available for use with most types of knives, you get to use it even when you are indoors. Portable, functional, durable and easy to use, there is no way that youll get wrong with this awesome piece of product.

Measuring a compact 3.5 by 1 inch, this unbelievably small product is both light and durable. It is oval in shape. On one edge, you see two slits. One would be the pre-set carbides while the other is a specialized ceramic slot. The former sharpens a dull edge very quickly while the latter finishes edges and sharpens serrated edges. It could be used to a variety of knives and provides a rather impressive sharpness when used. Indeed, it belongs to any outdoor enthusiasts survival tool. On the opposite side, a tapered diamond rod could be unfolded by simply pulling a silver stick. It is used to sharpen your serrated or flat edges if the carbide or the ceramic missed any spots. All together, the three different sharpening tools found on the product makes it unique and very helpful. It is easy to use and doesnt need much fuss. It sharpens quickly, too. It is small and portable, making it fit for your pocket. At the base is a single hole that is meant as a lanyard holder so you get the option of hanging it down your neck through a lanyard. For one very small item, it sure is quite useful.

It is one very innovative idea all packed into one compact and small package. That, in itself is quite impressive. Now, no one would need to worry about knives getting dull or bulky packages in the middle of an outdoor trip as you now carry a very portable and interesting tool. The triple sharpening system (as I would prefer to call it) is quite impressive in itself. It sharpens real neatly for a very short period of time and does a fine job individually. Use the three all together? Well, you get one real fine package. It could be used for a variety of knives from your rough outdoor knives to your typical utility knives. So you get to use it even when you are not out frolicking in the great wild outdoors. Its great really. It is also very easy to use. No great technique necessary for operating it. You just smooth down the blades a couple of times down the slots and it is done. Its portable and light so you can just insert it in your pocket or (because of the lanyard) carry it around your neck. Thats a bonus for portability. The sharpener got a simple design that I really like, too. More practical rather than aesthetics.

Unfortunately, there are a few knives that dont go well with the sharpener especially if an amateur is doing the sharpening. A fine blade steel or a good kitchen knife is not recommended to be used with this one as it could damage the blade. There is a small contact point for the blade and the sharpener. As a result, pressure is exerted to a very small portion in the blade. This could damage the blade and we dont exactly want that. It is a pretty neat innovation but it can never replace a good ol sharpener.

Portable and really handy, Smiths Consumer Products PP1 Pocket Knife Sharpener is indeed a necessity if you are found of travelling or if you are to go on combat. With its lightness and portability, it is a real advantage. Plus it sharpens real nice and is suited to a variety of knives. Although it can be used for your standard utility knives, it can never be used as a replacement for your preferred sharpener. Despite this, I still recommend this product as it is both efficient and functional. It is currently available at Amazon for an affordable price.

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