SOG SlimJim XL Pocket Knife Review

As its name suggests, the SOG SJ-52 SlimJim XL is a small and very slim knife. According to SOG, it is the slimmest assisted folding knife in the market right now. It has a 0.078-inch thick blade and is 4.18 inches long. SOG Specialty knives are known to be amazingly effective military knives and everyday carries, or EDCs. The SlimJim XL is no different in this regard.

Its design and built quality is quite impressive. Priced at low range, this knife comes with a blade of AUS 8A stainless steel, which, although not the best steel at this price, is a sturdy blade that lasts and stays sharp for a long time. Weighing around 2.4 ounces, the SlimJim XL is just half as thick as most other knives in the market and is pretty light to carry around as well.

The pocket clip sits right on the hilt of the knife and actually extends over to the other side of knife. As a result, the knife is almost completely concealed. The only thing visible is the clip itself. The clip can also be removed and attached on the other side, but only with the tip up. The 4.18-inch blade is fairly strong for most purposes. The TiNi finish has considerably improved its durability. The jimping on its spine adds to the grip when the knife is used for precision tasks.

The blade opens up fairly easily with one hand thanks to the thumb studs, but closing it is a little tricky. This is because of the release, which is thin, long, and puts your hand in an awkward position when you try to press it down and fold the blade at the same time. Moreover, the blade tip tends to come out of the handle when closed, which increases the risk of the knife getting caught in your clothes, tearing it, or cutting your hand when you remove it from the pocket. You do have a sliding lock to prevent this right next to the blade release, but can become loose and does not do a very good job of locking the blade in its slot.

Pros and cons:

The best thing about the SOG SlimJim XL is that it is really portable. It fits into most pockets and remains fully concealed thanks to the excellently placed pocket clip. The blade is pretty standard, but with the TiNi finish it can be used heavily and repeatedly for a long time. Unfortunately, its slimness also works against it.

The handle cannot be gripped easily in one hand, the blade lock and release does not work well, and the slim handle makes the knife unsuitable for continuous use over a long time.As one reviewer on Amazon says, The lock, which keeps the blade from opening or closing is loose and will slide in and out of position easily. There are 28 reviews on the product on Amazon, eleven of which are 5-star reviews, eight are 4-star, and two 3-star review.

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Last updated on May 14, 2018 9:49 am