Students in university of idaho can play pokemon go

It seems that the Pokemon Go phenomenon is no longer just a game virtual reality, where the new application won since its launch at the beginning of last month, a lot of admiration even turned into a global phenomenon and spread news on the global technology sites to the extent that it is no longer free any day of the news this game,but the American University of Idaho, based in the Northwest went far beyond that.

And the media have indicated a few days ago that the University Idaho decided to start next university season autumn of this year, the integration of the game Pokemon Goo in its curriculum. The new material bearing the name Pop Culture Game was quoted as saying the official website of the university on the Internet.

Pokemon GO Accounts go in University of idaho

According to Stephen Bird, course instructor, the latter has decided to integrate the virtual reality game Pokemon Goo among a number of other electronic games under the new article Pop Culture Game, only Stephen Bird, the game is not just a game to collect Pikachu, and but it goes beyond that to reach a communication tool and form a team, especially for shy people, where the game gives them a chance to get out and meet others and thereby forming a human relations as well as show features leadership.

Bird said also:“We are hoping to capture the interest in Pokemon Go and other active games and draw the link with a healthy, active lifestyle,” Scruggs said. “It’s a great way to engage youth through adults, and a great way to engage families in active games together. Our interest is to turn folks onto an active lifestyle, and that can be achieved in endless ways.”

The game Pokemon Goo exceeded the number of downloads the roof of 100 million download platforms on Google Play and Apple Store in addition to the daily incomes exceeding $ 10 million.