Tac-force Assisted Opening Sawback Bowie Rescue Black Glass Breaker

Tac-force Assisted Opening Sawback Bowie Rescue Knife is a beautifully made knife in one mean package. It has a catchy and unique design that looks really great. Available in a lovely black polished in gleaming silver, this interesting knife is a must-have for you or for your favorite buddy. Razor-sharp with both serrated and flat edges, it provides the users a multitude of functions. Spring-assisted with a double flipper, it unfolds in less than a second. Lightweight and with a clip in the back, it is portable and could be carried wherever you go.

With a beautiful and intricate design, the knife measures up to 8.75 inches in length when unfolded and 4.75 inches when closed with the blade about 4 inches. Made up with stainless steel, the blade starts with serrated edges then polishes to a flat edge towards the end. It could be used for deep penetrations as well as superficial peeling or simple cutting. The serrated part could be used for sawing, if the need arises. The manufacturer specifies that it could for tactical, rescue or outdoor purposes, catering to a variety of consumers. It has a double flipper that facilitates the unfolding of the knife. It opens real fast, too, especially as it is spring-assisted, a common feature of most Tac-force knives. It has a tight lock-up system that keeps the knife into place real nicely. The handle is a made from durable aluminum and grips tightly. There are subtle finger grips on the sides that makes sure your hand stays in place. As the handle is textured, it feels good when held. It also has a built-in glass breaker at the base of the handle and near it is a small slit designed for cutting a seat belt. At the back is a small clip that you can attach to your jeans or your vest. It is completely removable, though, so if you get annoyed with it, you can just unscrew it. Finally, it is both light and durable and designed for long term use.

It is beautifully made. Indeed a high quality knife thats built for action and long term use. The blade, itself, has several uses especially as it has both a serrated and flat edge. Straight from the box, it is already razor sharp and that is a huge bonus. No need to waste time sharpening it up. The spring is also real neat. It allows faster flipping of the knife. In case it is needed, you can have the knife flipped in less than a second, a really useful feature in emergency situations. It can be used outdoors, in combat or as your daily self defense tool as it is quite small when folded. You can use it for hacking, penetrations or simply cutting and it doesnt wear and tear easily. It is made from durable material thats built for rather rough use. The handle is also very neat to look at. The glass breaker and the seatbelt cutter are a huge plus that assures an out in case you are trapped in your car. It feels great when used and the weight is carefully balanced in your hand. I also like the fact that the clip is removable so you have the option of using it, if you like to clip it into place, or to just do without it, if you think it is interfering with your grip.

First issue with this knife, is that it is quite slippery. Sure it has a nice grip but I doubt that it will hold firm especially when it is wet. A lot of people also have problems with its lock mechanism. Some say it is okay but my concern would be the fact that it is quite thin so it would obviously break easily especially if you keep on opening and closing it. Oh and the seat belt cutter could use some work, as well. Its fine but it takes a long time to cut through your typical seatbelt. Not exactly designed for emergencies.

All in all, the Tac-force Assisted Opening Sawback Bowie Rescue is an interesting knife to add in your collection. It is lovely to look at and the design is lethally pretty. It is really functional as well and the blade is both sharp and durable. The handle comes with a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter and the spring mechanism is a pretty neat feature. Considering the pros and cons, Id still recommend it to friends especially as it comes especially cheap at Amazon.