Tac force Assisted Opening Speedster Review

Almost out of stock and without a customer who gave a one star review, the Tac-force Assisted Opening Speedster is indeed highly recommended. Colored in a metallic blue with a sharp black blade and a perforated handle, it is a light and speedy knife that is also quite lethal and dangerous. It is easy to use and durable so it is suited not only for ones personal safety but also for general kitchen functions. Very light with a lanyard hole and a pocket clip, it is one portable folding knife that is highly accessible and comfortable to hold.

The knife has a closed length of 4.5 inches. When opened it extends to 7.75 inches. The 3.25-inch black blade is made up of high carbon stainless steel. It is razor sharp straight from the box. Near the base, it has a number of serrations but it becomes a flat edge nearer the point.

A logo of Tac Force is printed in white ink near the dull side. The knife could do your standard knife function plus some sawing (for softer materials like rope, I dont think it could do wood) and is quite durable. It is spring assisted and opens really quickly. As whats common, it is secured in place by a liner lock system when it is closed. The handle is blue and perforated. Im not sure if it was made plainly for aesthetics but the lessened weight makes the knife lighter and gives it a unique look. It has finger grooves and a notch that secure your fingers into place. It has a comfortable weight and feels great in your hand. At the base is a glass breaker and near to it is the seatbelt cutter in case of emergency situations. Near both of these features is a lanyard hole. At the back of the handle is a removable pocket clip. So you have two options to choose from when you want to bring it somewhere.

It is a handy knife. Light and very easy to use, it makes you feel secure. The blade comes out really quickly and you can easily close it back into place. The locking system is awesome and you need not to worry about it staying closed. The design is also quite unique and putting the perforations in the handle is a really smart move. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, it also ensures that the knife remains lightweight and feels comfortable in your hand. It is well-balanced and allows your hand to maintain a secure grip. Definitely a good thing, especially when you are trying to defend yourself from someone or something. It is highly dependable and I like the way it feels when being held. The seatbelt cutter and the glass breaker are also both quite functional. The cutter is quite sharp and the breaker could stand most pressure. The lanyard hole and the pocket clip provide you two ways to carry the knife around; although you could always put it inside your pocket or your bag if you dont want it just hanging around. Still, you would want to place it somewhere accessible. It is quite handy in emergency situations and is a great companion when you go exploring the wild outdoors. Durable, portable and highly functional, it is one great knife.

The screws could use some work. You need to tighten it (or loosen it) as necessary, as it has a tendency of being too loose or too tight which could greatly affect its function. This particular problem is quite common with a lot of Tac Force knives. Im also quite worried about the handle. It feels sturdy enough but the perforations might not provide the knife with the strength necessary to withstand stress. I hope it holds even when under some sort of stress or when used for too long a period. Other than that, it is one fine weapon.

I guess I now understand why it has a pretty high rating in Amazon. It is really a must-have, for your personal use, outdoor camping trip or as a gift to a favorite person. It is stylish yet highly functional and most of its design is made for its function. The blade has a lot of uses and the handle looks pretty terrific. Although I do have some issues with the design, I still think that is quite smart and innovative. The grip is secure and the locking system is safe. It is also quite durable too. Affordable and efficient, it is available in Amazon for a very low price. Snatch yours now.