Tactical Knives

Things to Know About Tactical Knives

The tactical knives are considered to be high performance cutting equipment. These knives, which are also known as the combat knives or the fighting knives, were originally used by the military, but now they are used for various purposes. A tactical knife is designed in such a way that it is perfect for clearing paths, cutting leaves and branches and also opening crates. These knives are also useful to set up the military tents. These tools have become highly popular among campers who use them to set up their camping tents. These knives are now sold to general public for normal utilities. A tactical knife is usually heavier and bulkier in comparison to a traditional knife. Nowadays these knives have become much stronger. A good quality tactical knife is extremely sharp for accomplishing the major cutting purposes.


The tactical knives have various identifying and distinctive features: Single bladed- Most of the tactical cutting tools posses a single blade. Generally, you would get multiple blades that are found in many pocket knives.
The folding blades can be opened quite easily and quickly. This is assisted by a spring, a whole within the blade or a thumb stud.
Pocket clip for keeping the equipment at the top of your pocket so that it is readily available.
A lock-variant is available for holding the knife blade locked while using it. Such variants include lock backs, triple locks, frame locks and axis

These features are provides most of the best brands of tactical knife.


Ergonomics is an essential aspect of these knives. A tactical knife should feel comfortable when you are holding and have a nice grip. It should have any sharp corner or pinch point. You would not feel unnatural while using the knife.

Choose the right tactical knife

The tactical knives are manufactured by various brands. You can choose from a wide variety of materials. While buying such a knife you must make it sure that the blade is made of highly quality steel. It must also have the right safety standards that are required. If you are purchasing a folding tactical knife then make sure that it possesses a good quality lock mechanism. If the knife is not a folding one, then you must ensure that the product comes with a well maintained holster for keeping it in.

You have a huge array of options while buying tactical knives. When it comes to the edge of the knife you can select either a serrated or a plain edge. You need to choose this on the basis of the purpose for which you want to use the knife. There are also different types of blade shapes. The most popular shapes include drop point, clip and modified clip. The clip blade has a sharp point which is quite useful for detailed work. There are various forms of the modified clip. A blade with a drop point shape has thick point that is ideal for the heavier tasks. Some other options of tactical knives include automatic knives, rescue knives, survival knives and many more.

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