The Basics of Electronic Bark Collars

Nuisance barking from your dog can give you some headache especially if you are trying to get a good night’s sleep. It can likewise put you in deep trouble with your neighbors. In these kinds of situation, there are training tools available in the market that can help control the problem of excessive barking.

If you are looking for excellent training tools for your dog, then electronic bark collars may be of some use to you. They can give the flexibility for teaching basic commands and field training. However, there is a tendency for lazy owners of dogs to depend on electronic bark collars which lead to unfavorable results. These things should be handled by trained professionals.

There is some kind of controversy with electronic dog collars. Some people clamor for their complete banning while there are others who feel that it is very useful. However, just like other tools, it can be abused and used improperly if handled by newcomers.

There are two variations of electronic bark collars. The first kind emits a shock whenever the dog barks. The advantage of this kind of electronic bark collar is that your pet can have immediate results and will most likely think that punishment has something to do with the barking than reprimanding your dog at a later time.

The other kind of electronic bark collar involves the use of a remote control to adjust the degree of shock. This is the ideal device for teaching basic commands or field training. The good thing about this kind of electronic bark collar is that you can manipulate the level of shock that will be emitted. Even if your pet is in some distant place while on field training, you can still control the training of your dog.

small dog bark collar is worth noting, however, that electronic bark collars should be handled by professionals who have trained and experienced using these devices. Before considering electronic bark collars, it will be a good practice to use the reward-based method for training your dog. This involves recognizing the good behavior of your dog by providing them with incentives such as dog treats.

Regardless of whether or not you think that electronic bark collars should be prohibited or not, the fact remains that a lot of people still prefer using them for training their dogs. There are many possible reasons why your dog is misbehaving, so it is best to determine the reason behind such behavior first before even considering the use of electronic bark collars.