The Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Reveiw – Simplicity and Functionality

The Ontario Blackbird SK- 5 was designed to have the maximum functionality without the frills. This knife was designed with the belief that the less complicated the knife is, the better it will preform when you need it. the Ontario Blackbird not only was designed with simplicity and functionality in mind but it has been proven in the field as a tool that survivalists, soldiers, and hunters alike use and abuse on a daily basis.

I picked this knife up some time ago after doing a ton of research on it. I have a fairly big survival knife collection and needless to say it takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes to new knives.

The Ontario Blackbird SK-5 was one of those knives that I waited on, so that I could read the reviews and see it tested in the field before I jumped on board the train.That being said, once I did jump on the train I was mad that I waited because this knife is pretty awesome!


On paper this knife pretty good. I like the 154 CM steel It is a very durable stainless steel that holds an edge very well, is tough, hones to a very sharp edge and is corrosion resistant. 154 CM is an American made stainless steel and it is also pretty easy to sharpen in the field with the correct tools.

Blade Shape

The blade shape is comprised of a full tapered flat grind. This essentially means that the blade is a smooth continuous grind from the spine of the knife to the edge of the blade. The major advantage to a grind like this is that it keeps the blade angle pretty thin so that slicing and detailed work is smooth. Oh, and it comes out of the box razor sharp!

The Ontario Blackbird SK-5 has also features a spear point that is designed with a center lined tip that meets at exactly the middle of the blade. I was not completely sold on this at first. Generally you will see a spear tip in a tactical knife or a fighting knife, they are not as popular in a survival knife. However once I actually bought this knife and used it I found that it is a critical feature of the knife. A spear point like this one can be used for a lot of different tasks. Not only is the point extremely durable for tasks that require you to push on the point, it is also a really effective point for drilling and detailed carving or skinning tasks.

Stats at a Glance

Overall Length : 10 inches

Blade Length : 5 inches

Blade Thickness ; .13 inches

Steel: 154 C

MRockwell Hardness : 58-60 HRC

Handle: Micarta scales

Sheath; Nylon

Knife Weight: 8.4 oz

HandlesThe Handles on the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 are extremely comfortable. They are rounded at the outside contact edges of the entire handle. I have used this knife extensively with no hot spots or blisters to speak of. The construction is made from micarta slabs that are affixed to the full tang using threerecessed stainless steel Allen screws. The screws are nicely recessed to avoid any discomfort and the micarta is smooth around the screws. The handle ergonomics remind me a lot of a Becker style handle. As soon as you put your hand on the knife the it knows exactly where to go.

The Blackbird is comfortable to use in all 4 major hand positions including forward, reverse, inverted and ice pick. Overall the handle is ergonomic comfortable and basic. Which are all good things.


Right out of the box I took this thing out in the forest by my house and wanted to beat on it a bit. I was interested to use the spear point and see how it stood up to some heavy cutting chores. I was unsure about the thickness (.13 inches) of the knife since most of my survival knives are either 1/4 or 3/16 (.25 – .1875 respectively). The first test was to baton some hard wood. The knife is sharp, and the thinner profile and flat grind made battoning with this relatively easy. It is no Becker BK9 but it will do the job. The next test was chopping into the same said hardwood. Chopping was also very effective the knife is relatively light but I was surprised at theefficiency.

On to the feather stick. I was very surprised that after I beat on the knife as hard as I did, the thing stayed razor sharp.

The feather stick that I was able to produce was very similar to what I can do with a Mora. VERY nice!

Over all I think that this is an excellent all around knife. It is well suited for chopping and fire prep as well as I can see this knife being veryefficientin skinning small game unlike some of the bigger thicker type survival knives. All in all I am very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend this blade to anyone that wants a great all around outdoors knife.

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