Tiger Tactical Manual Folding Knife Review

Tiger USA Tactical Manual Folding Knife is one cool blade. Available in seven unique colors and textures, you get to choose what strikes your fancy from several original designs, or you could just collect them all. Highly rated at Amazon, it is a recommended tool by a lot of consumer for your everyday carry. With a sharp wicked blade and a strong handle, you get a sturdy blade that is light and portable. Safe and easy to use, you can open it within seconds and have it ready in your hand in case you highly need it.

With an overall length of 8 inches and weight of 3.5 ounces, this knife is perfect for your daily use. It is light and small enough that you can insert it in your wallet. It has an option of a pocket clip (if you want it by your side) or a lanyard hole (if you want it hanging around). Basically, it is highly portable. The blade is black for most of the version, except for the one with the black handle which has a gray blade. It also is the only variety without print on the blade. The others have words like marines, fire fighter, snake eater or EMS, depending on which color you chose. They are made from high quality German steel and are designed to last for a long time while maintaining that perfect edge. It starts with a serrated edge (mainly for sawing) which becomes a flat edge up to the top point (which can pretty much slice, cut or peel). It pretty much cuts through most materials and is quite sharp. It is manually opened and has a knob which you can push with your thumb. Add a slight flick of the wrist and you get it open smooth and easy. It closes back smoothly and securely with a liner locking system. It stays inside and doesnt open unnecessarily. The handle comes in seven unique designs. It has finger grooves that allow a better handle on the knife and has an easy grip and good feel.

The knife varieties look cool. I especially like the snow camo with the words snake eater in the handle as it looks really awesome. Anyway, the knife is not really decorative. In fact, it is quite sharp and has several uses. The serrated part of the blade is perfect for ropes while the flatter edge is for your cardboards, papers, plastics or other similar materials. Although manual, it opens real fast. Just a slight flick and a little pressure and it is ready in your hand. This makes it a perfect emergency weapon; although you can always use it for your daily use. It can definitely perform both functions. The lock system engages every time so we dont have any safety issues. The handle is also tough and has a nice grip. As the product is light, it doesnt weigh your hand down. The low weight also makes it highly portable. You wont notice it in your pocket and it doesnt dig in to your sides when you clip it in your jeans. It doesnt feel awkward when you hang it around your neck, too. As the material of the knife is of high quality, it is also quite durable. It is built to be used for a long period of time.

It is not exactly a knife for survival or for hunting and camping. In fact, I think it is best for everyday use. I guess you can use it as self defense if no other options are available but it is better if you have a primary weapon. The blade isnt that long and as strong as the material is, it isnt that thick either. So it is better if you have another blade for your outdoor adventures. I also have issues with the screws. They have a tendency of becoming loose but you can always tighten them into place.

It is one cool knife that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for a special person. It is sharp and has several function, more on utility and everyday use though and not for the great wild outdoors. It could cut or slice through a lot of materials. The designs provide you a unique variety and the handle has a nice sturdy grip. It is durable and could last for a long time provided that you use it only for the ones intended for its purpose. It is currently available at Amazon for a very low price.

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Last updated on April 16, 2018 5:49 am