Unlimited Wares Military Fighting Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

Unlimited Wares Military Fighting Tactical Fixed Blade Knifeis one scary tool that may have your enemies hesitating to attack you. Painted with black from hilt to blade, it is both creepy and very lethal. With a huge double-edged blade and a very secure handle, you are sure to trust this particular tool with your life. Suited for military, tactical or outdoor uses, it is sharp and durable with a matching nylon sheath that you could strap around a leg or arm. It can cut, puncture or saw through a lot of thicker materials and is built to endure stress and pressure.

The knife has an overall length of 11 inches with the blade a wicked 6 inches. Double-edged, the stainless steel blade has a straight edge on one side and saw teeth at the back, which makes it perfect not just for puncturing or cutting but also for sawing. It is razor sharp and looks really dangerous. It runs smoothly into the handle, making it a full tang, and is 3/16 inches in thickness. Due to these properties, it is very durable and strong, a real necessity when you are out hunting or camping. The handle (which seems to be made from some sort of hard plastic) has some finger grooves that provide a secure grip. A single notch near the base of the blade prevents your hand from sliding and getting nicked. The design is ambidextrous which makes the knife appeal also to left-handed people. It is easy to handle and feels great in your hand. At the base of the handle is a lanyard hole so you can just carry it around your neck. It comes with a balastic nylon sheath (also black) that is reinforced with resin safety liner so it is sturdy enough to hold the dangerous knife inside. A single strap in the handle secures it into place and can be opened with just one quick flick of the thumb. The built-in harness could be used to secure it around your leg or arm and a pocket allows for additional storage.

It is a pretty awesome knife with a really wicked design. Painted all in black (including the sheath), it looks pretty dangerous. The double edges are both razor sharp and appear very mean. They could cut through a lot of pretty thick materials and they dont just lose their sharpness. Of course what caught my attention is the fact that a blades a full tang. You just dont get to own a real full tang blade with a reasonable price that easily but the product proved me wrong. High quality and durable, it is perfect as a survival tool or as an emergency knife. Of course you can also use this for your usual peeling, cutting or slicing. The handle is also quite secure. When you held it in your hand, you would know instinctively that it wont slip even when used against a greater pressure. It has a great weight and doesnt feel awkward. The grooves are probably the one which helped. I mean, they practically secure your hand to the handle. The fact that it is ambidextrous is also a huge plus. I also like the sheath a lot. It looks cool and the leg strap allows it to be attached to any extremity where you might feel comfortable. The lanyard hole, on the other hand, gives you the option of simply allowing it to hang from neck.

The handle is made up of plastic. Although it is the tough kind of plastic, I still have some issues regarding its durability, especially when under extreme stress or tension. I am also not quite sure how it is bolted together so Im also really quite worried about that. The lanyard hole in the base of the handle is quite close to the edge. It could easily break off if you hit something (or someone), especially if the impact is quite great. The handle exchanges comfort for security so the grip could get uncomfortable when used for an extended period.

Indeed an admirable knife, Unlimited Wares Military Fighting Tactical Fixed Blade Knifeis a perfect gift for your outdoor enthusiast friend or your brother who is in the service. Although it has some minor issues, it still remains to be very useful and handy for a variety of situation. A sharp blade with a saw tooth or a flat edge, it could very well save your life or a friends. Available at Amazon for a very reasonable price, you might want to snatch yours now before the stock run out.

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Last updated on April 16, 2018 5:49 am