WarTech USA Batman Knife review

Receiving a rating of almost 5 stars (it got 4.5 to be exact) in Amazon, WarTech USA Batman Knife with Dual Assist Open Blades is a must have for Batman fans out there. Inspired by our most favorite bat, this knife (which comes in Batmans logo, by the way) is a real wicked piece of work. It not only looks impressive but is functional as well. Its quite secure and it is quite portable although a little big. Fair warning, though, it is not a toy. It cuts, for real.

When closed, its length measures about 5.75 inches. When you open one blade, it extends to 8.50 inches and becomes a long 11.25 inches when both blades are up. Made from stainless steel with three inches of cutting edge, the blades are a real beauty to look at. They have this unique design that is unlike common knives seen in the market. Of course, it could be attributed to the fact that the product is inspired by Batman. The design, in fact of the real knife, is in the shape of a bat, another very cool feature. You could basically buy it simply for its appearance. However, dont let its look fool you because it sure is not a toy. The blades are both razor sharp and could cause a deep cut on your finger if you are not careful. Theres a small grove at the base of the blade, though, to make sure that your finger wont slip and get nicked. It locks securely into place with a tight locking system and opens within a second or two when you press a little button opposite the part where the blades are folded. It is spring-assisted so it unfolds real fast and that is very cool and fun to look at. The handles are aluminum by the way so it is quite durable and a strong and sturdy clip is located at the back so you can just clip it into place once you want to go somewhere.

It is a very wicked blade and that, in itself, would probably make you want to buy it. I mean, it is a pretty collectors item and for Batman enthusiasts out there (such as myself), you would not want to miss this very interesting product. The handle looks really good and is very well-made but the blades, well, theyre works of art. They have a very unique design and look dangerously nasty. The fact that its functional is also a real plus in my department. I mean, it is razor sharp after all. You dont just buy the knife for decorative reasons as you can really use it to cut, slice or puncture items. You can choose to open just one knife and use it like your usual folding knife or you could just use both of the blades. Thats one fabulous knife, isnt it? It is spring-assisted so it opens real smooth and fast and you could access it within a few seconds at most. The small groove at the base of the blade prevents you from cutting yourself and it has a pretty tight locking system so youre sure that it stays in place. Oh and the belt clip allows you to take it anywhere.

There are several issues with the knife, though. Although I keep on going on about the unique design of the blade, it is precisely this feature that prevents the blades from cutting smoothly. It doesnt have that smooth of a finish but it does its job. It also has some safety concerns especially when you unfold both blades. You have to keep your hand in the middle and make sure that it isnt anywhere near your body or anyone else, for that matter, because someones really going to get hurt. That said, Im not sure if its effective as a self defense tool as you may focus too much in your enemy that you may forget your knife has its own safety issues. Oh and it is quite hard to fold back into the handle.

Although it has functionality issues, Id still want this badass knife for myself and would no doubt recommend it to anyone. It is available in Amazon and is really quite cheap for a knife with such high quality. It combines both function and aesthetics all into one. Its unique design is amazing and its razor sharp blades really do work. Although of course one has to be very careful when using the product. Spring-assisted and quite portable, it is a neat piece of work.