Wusthof classic knife Block Set

Wusthof classic 10 piece knife block set offers exceptional quality and superior performance. A weighted bolster provides excellent balance, and a synthetic three rivet handle provides a sturdy feel. Each knife is forged from a single piece of German steel which is a perfect balance of high carbon steel and a stain resistant alloy which is then hand honed. Each blade is then ground and polished by computer which ensures perfect tapering from the bolster to the tip. Wusthof classic knives stay sharper longer and are easier to sharpen. They cut through hard vegetables and cured meat as well as delicate items such as tomatoes and strawberries with ease and precision.

Wusthof has been crafting precision forged cutlery since 1814. This ten piece set includes an eight inch serrated bread knife, an eight inch cooks knife, an eight inch carving knife, a six inch sandwich knife, a five inch serrated sausage knife, a four and a half inch utility knife and a three and a half inch paring knife. The set also includes kitchen shears, a nine inch sharpening steel and a seventeen slot oak block. Each knife is seamlessly crafted with a full tang and triple rivet synthetic handle. Sharpening is a breeze with the nine inch sharpening steel, a few passes at a twenty degree angle and they are ready to use.

Features and Specs for the Wusthof classic

Weighted bolster and three rivet synthetic handle provide a sturdy feel.

Extraordinary sharpness that is easy to maintain.

Outstanding strength is achieved by forging each knife from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel.

Blade is computer ground and polished which ensures a perfect taper from bolster to tip.

Lifetime warranty.

Having a knife set from a company that is known worldwide for their superior performance is one of the many advantages of purchasing the Wusthof classic 10 piece knife block set. The seventeen slot oak block has room to add six steak knives and two more prep knives to your collection. You will get incredible cutting precision, flawlessly balanced knives and a lifetime warranty with this set. These knives are designed for a lifetime of daily use, and are truly a culinary investment. The knives have a very appealing and professional look as well. Many professionals and discerning amateur chefs make Wusthof the cutlery of choice.

Reviews of the 10 piece knife block set

One reviewer stated that the knives felt great in her hand and were a perfect fit in her kitchen. They come out of the box razor sharp and ready to use, the only drawback is that they are recommended to be hand washed. Another reviewer stated that their cutting and chopping time has been cut in half and with much better results. The quality, balance and feel of each knife is amazing and they couldnt be happier with their purchase. Another reviewer stated that after receiving a set as a wedding gift they were amazed at the quality, sharpness and durability of the knives and that the knives basically do the work for them, they love preparing meals together now.

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